Paperback books cost a lot less to create than hardcovers, as you’ll discover. They are considered to be a good and affordable way to create covers. Many people are always in the dilemma of how they must choose the paperback for the books. Publishers typically produce vast quantities of paperbacks. As they are published in mass numbers, they need to be cost-effective for publication, which is why the books contain paperback covers instead of hardcovers.

This mass-produced edition typically follows the hardback publication, and the publisher will promote it to a larger audience. Paperbacks are lighter and a fantastic option for writers because of the less expensive production. In this article, we will talk about some of the types of paper that are used by the publication houses.


Different Things You Must Know About The Paper Used For Paperback Books:

  • If you are a new writer or a publishing house and want to set up your printing place or get your books printed and published, then it is essential for you to know what kinds of paper are used for paperback cover. This way, you will be informed about everything related to the book cover.
  • For the bulk of our softcover book covers, we have a tendency to use a 240gsm coated paper that is laminated once printing. Lamination is important because it ensures that the cover will be secured for a long time and the book will not lose out its aesthetic value. The cover is the base of the book and if it will not be good or made of good quality paper then how it will look appealing? The 240gsm is typical for many books, and after the lamination is applied to the paper stock, it feels much heavier and thicker.
  • A paperback sometimes referred to as a lightweight or softback, is a style of book with a thick paper or paperboard cover and is frequently bound using glue instead of stitches or staples. They are more on the light side and ensure that the book cover is not too heavy or makes the book a little hard to carry. This is the reason many book publication houses go for paperback covers.
  • The majority of printed booklets employ coated cover stock for the front and back covers and uncoated paper stocks for the interior pages. They find it cost-effective and also suitable for its aesthetic value. Nowadays, people do not have booklets to have a lot of weight as it might be convenient to carry them to other places. Uncoated stocks are available in a variety of paper weights and finishes.
  • To know more about the paper cover, you must know that other than soft covers, which are light in weight, the other one is Hardcover or hardback booklets, however, are bound with cardboard that is clothed, covered in plastic, or wrapped in leather. They provide a card covering the whole book, and usually, they increase the weight of the book. People usually like booklets that are made up of softcovers for paperback covers.

Specific Benefits Of Paperback Book Printing:

If you are planning to get your book published, then other than anything, it is essential to get your book printed or published by a reputed agency that can assure you that your book should be good in quality and must be durable.

You need to know about some of the benefits of paperback book printing so that you can approach a good publishing company that can help you with book printing at an affordable price. If you are looking for reliable online printing services, you can find here more information about it. Let’s check out all the advantages you can get if you are going for the paperback covers.

Cheap To Buy:

When you first decide to print your book and do not have any idea about which type of printing is cheaper, then the paper book cover will work for you as it gives an excellent look to your book which you are aiming for, then it is probably the paperback cover. Many new writers who want to publish their book and do not have a reasonable budget go for paperback covers because the cost is very low of production and yet to get good quality and look for your book.

The people who want to begin their writing journey with their book can go to an excellent publishing company that can assure you a premium quality paperback book cover. They will ensure that you design your book and get the same output which you are aiming for.


Easy To Take Along:

Books are people’s best friends, and many people have the tendency to take the book along with them. When a book is lightweight, then they will think of taking it with them. Paperback covers provide portability and make it easier for the reader to have a hold on the book for a long time. Easy to carry around is a really important advantage, making it easier for writers and publishers to increase their sales and numbers.


The flexibility the paperback book has is commendable. They can easily be molded into any vision. You can have any design you want. This is one of the biggest advantages, mostly for the writer who wants a specific back and front for their booklets. If you are a writer and are in a dilemma in choosing the back and front for your book, then you can probably go for the paperback book because it can help you execute the vision. Contact a good online printing company and brief them about all the minute details you want, and if it is a reputable company, it will help you a lot in getting the expected results.



You must have got the answer of what kind of paper is used in printing the paperback booklets. Next time when you will think of publishing a book then you can consider this article as a guide.