Have you been thinking about refreshing your closet with some new pieces of clothes for the fall and winter season? If so, you must have been wondering what are the styles that will make a comeback this season and what kind of clothes can offer you the most combination opportunities. Well, the styles are of course plenty, but if you want to commit to one that will give you a fresh look for each occasion, then make it a pantsuit.

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Some may tell you that pantsuits look like you just borrowed them from the boys’ department, but today’s fashion provides countless designs, textiles, and colors that can make you look even more feminine in a suit. If you want to achieve a laid-back look, yet still look professional, then suits are ideal.

Pantsuits were first introduced in fashion around the 1920s but became increasingly widespread in the 1960s. And since then, they have been successfully worn by women for different occasions.

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In case you’re not completely sure whether they will make a comeback this season, here are three reasons why we are sure they will:

They are easily combined with other pieces of clothes, for every occasion. Every time a fashion trend comes back, it’s brought with some modification that makes it slightly different than the previous time it appeared. The same thing is happening this season. Suit pants can be worn and combined in various ways.

This year’s two pieces suits have also been modified in a more comfortable piece of clothes similar to leggings you wear for training (tights and a crop top to match), also perfect for a walk in the park, a night walk during your summer vacation, or lounging by the fire. To browse different styles and colors, you can check Jurllyshe. Even though they’re comfy and perfect for a night in as well, they will still look cute and fashionable.

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1. Another combination of fashion experts say will be dominant in 2022 is a suite with Bermuda pants. Many of the famous designers have already included this style in their summer collection, but it will continue throughout the year. Double-breasted suits will be poplar both for running business meetings and going out at night. We’ll be seeing more and more of wide-legged pants combined with a long suit jacket without emphasizing the waist, more like the trend from the twenties.

In the past couple of years, sneakers grew in popularity when it comes to combining them with a more formal style. They are a perfect add on to the suit, making you look slightly laid back, yet buttoned up. For a perfect night out look, just add a crop top or a bra to your suit instead of a shirt, and some stilettoes and you’ll be looking smoking hot. Add some emphasis on your waist with a belt bag going for one of the hottest autumn trends. As we said, countless opportunities are given for you to create different looks, from edgy, to professional, sexy. All you need is a little bit of creativity. Combine tops and bottoms of different suit styles and set a trend yourself.

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2. Fashion comes back. All of us have faced that situation when you have to give your wardrobe some space and get rid of the out-of-fashion things in your closed. But is there such a thing as out of fashion clothes? Surely you must have thrown something out of your closed and then after a couple of years it back to the fashion again and you were very frustrated. This is the moment you realize that fashion simply circulates and that if those boots are really out of trend now, in a couple of years they will be hip.

Watching television proves that since the last year, a lot of nineties fashion pieces have made a comeback, such as chokers necklace, for instance. Some of them are even combined with styles from the sixties. So, fashion always comes back, but in a slightly modified way, to make it fresh and new. This is definitely what is happening with the pants suits. The newest fashion predicaments show that this style will especially be “in” during 2022 and 2022.

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3. They send a powerful statement. Pantsuits have one interesting history behind it. We have mentioned one fragment of it at the beginning of the text, saying that the pantsuits started spreading like a fashion in the sixties, but what was the story behind it. These times were revolutionary for females everywhere in the world. They were the times’ feminism as a wave was growing again and the first suit was designed by Yves Saint Lauren.

Stories published in fashion columns wrote that women will want to get rid of their clothes, only to wear these suits. And this was more than controversial at the time – wearing something that’s not a skirt.

Since fashion changes and other trends started appearing, it was not until the eighties that another wave of pantsuit hit the fashion runways. They came back with a slightly different design, but the same feminist message. To disguise feminine bodies, pants were worn baggy and wide and the shoulder pads were added to take the attention of the female breasts and give more focus to the actual skills. However, all of this was possible to wear in the corporate world, the American senate did not allow women to wear pants until 1993. So, what more of a powerful reason for pantsuits to come back in fashion in 2022 could there be? Focusing on women’s skills and education rather than their gender is a very important statement to make in today’s world.

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Suits pants are making a come back this year, so make sure you think twice before throwing some hip pieces of clothes from your closet. Consider diving into your mother’s old wardrobe and search for hidden gems that could be hiding there from the seventies or eighties. These things only take a few modifications and you will have a unique piece of clothing everyone will envy.