Palo santo is a term utilized for various assortments of trees immersed with a remarkable gum or resin. The plant origin of these trees keeps changing. Yet, a large portion of them come from Burseraceae genealogies. For the most part, Bursera graveolens is a wild tree that fills in dry tropical backwoods and is local to South American nations.

Palo Santo wood has been thought of as holy by Spanish priests, and they have alluded to it as “Sacred Wood” or “wood of holy people” for its recovering, medicinal, and curative properties. The regular decay of the tree typically takes around 3-4 years before it tends to be utilized. The parts from the tree are currently a famous fixing in conventional medication to fix different physical and mental conditions.

Many people who use this wood want to know if it can be reused. The answer to this query is indeed impressive. Yes, it can be utilized repeatedly until it is burnt. However, if you are using its sticks, we recommend using one stick 15-25 times. It means each palo santo stick has an excellent lifespan.


5 Benefits of Using Palo Santo

1. Getting rid of negative energy

Native Americans of North and South America have been utilizing the Palo Santo sticks for a long time, most usually to get rid of negative energy. This interaction became known as “Smudging” to clear regrettable or negative energies. This is one of the significant benefits of palo santo wood. With the increase in the rate of depression and anxiety among people, Palo Santo and other everyday incense and purifying practices can be an astounding therapy from the everyday battles.

2. Physical healing

Palo santo is utilized to treat many physical diseases, including colds, sicknesses, tension, depression, asthma, bronchitis, cerebral pains, and emotional disorders. Use its oil to relieve discomfort, joint inflammation, and joint pain with its calming properties.

Palo santo tea (made by stewing the wood in steaming hot water) goes about as a treatment for stomach-related imbalance. Its oil can be added to cleansers, salves, and scrubs to purify and saturate the skin. The wood additionally contains high groupings of a compound called d-limonene, which is believed to help anticipate an assortment of cancers. If you are struggling with such conditions, you should get your palo santo from one of the best sources, i.e.,


3. Reduces tension and promotes relaxation

The wonderful and alleviating scent of Palo Santo has a relaxing impact and advances a change in energy, and inspires the state of mind. When breathed in, the fragrance goes through the mind’s olfactory system, inciting a loosening-up reaction from the body and assisting battle with sleep disorders. It additionally goes about as an incredible bug and mosquito repellant.

Palo Santo gradually and consistently becomes the community’s top choice for killing terrible energies. Not simply a prescription, it is likewise acquiring ubiquity as a concentration and creativity booster. It is available in many forms; however, it is accessible in the market mainly as an incense stick and wood.

4. Air freshener

The most observable thing about Palo Santo is its fragrance. The woodsy aroma stays long after it has stopped burning. Its essential oil is a superb option compared to substance-loaded deodorizers that you may generally use in your home. It’s additionally an all-regular incense, without additives or synthetics like in numerous well-known sorts of fragrance. Try to treat yourself and your space with simply the most readily available incense.


5. Household cleaner

Like cedarwood medicinal oils and clary sage, palo santo has antibacterial properties and is a characteristic purifying and cleansing agent. It helps in decreasing odors, organisms, and infections inside your home.

Palo santo wood sticks or medicinal oil can likewise be utilized to clean the air and surfaces in your home and forestall sicknesses, pollution, or even “negative energy.” Purify your kitchen, washroom, or apparatuses by diffusing the oil or running it through your domestic devices.

How to Use Palo Santo Wood

Now that you have understood the magical powers of palo santo, it’s time to know how you can use it. People might think that it can be challenging, but it is not. Using palo santo wood is indeed very simple. Let us go through its steps:


• Light the stick:

It is easy to light a palo santo stick. All you have to do is hold it in a campfire, lighter, or any gas element like a stove. Ensure that it is fully lit to get down to the next step. When the stick acquires the minimum fire, you will know it has started burning. Now keep it flaming for about a minute.

• Let the flame extinguish by itself:

Yes, you heard it right! Step two includes letting the flame extinguish on its own. After burning for around one minute, the fire will automatically blow out without external help.


• Release its power:

Grasp the stick, picture your goals and occupy your space with holy smoke. The short fire will smoke for a long time, conveying a fantastic fragrance and purifying the energy around you, reestablishing harmony and calmness. For the point when you’re finished with your stick, set it on a flame-resistant surface (one excellent choice is a metal flame-resistant bowl with a touch of sand in the base), and it can be reused for the next time.

To Sum Up

Palo Santo is a popular wood mainly found in South American nations. However, it is used by people worldwide due to the various benefits it provides. One of the main benefits is that it is affordable and can be reused again and again. A single palo santo stick can be used at least 15-25 times, with an excellent lifespan.


We have also shared a few steps to understand how you can use the palo santo wood. Use it as mentioned in the steps above and get rid of the negative vibes around you.