User experience is important in online marketing and when it comes to mobile user experience, then it becomes more important. For quick conversions and sales, you need to optimize your website for the mobile experience. But is it connected with conversions and sales? Can mobile experience help you boost conversions and sales? Well, it is quite true that mobile experience is changing the way leads convert into sales.

These days most internet users are based upon mobile devices so it becomes very important. So here in this post, we will let you know how you can boost your sales just using your mobile experience. We will let you know about the ways to optimize your website’s mobile experience for quick conversion. So let’s get started with this helpful post.

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Importance of Mobile Conversion

Mobile conversion is important because more than half of the internet users are mobile users. There are very few desktop users and the number of desktop users is gradually coming down. On the other hand every year the stats of mobile users is growing rapidly. More importantly due to flexible and easy one-touch payment systems, mobile payments are also becoming a common tool for people. These days people spend more of their money through mobile payments. Yes, it is convenient for them, but you can leverage these payments with mobile conversion.

Ways To Optimize Mobile Experience For Conversions

Following are some of the ways using by companies like EZ Rankings, you can try to enhance the mobile experience of your customers. Paying attention to these factors will make it easy and comfortable for site visitors to make payments on your site. More convenience will provide more chances for conversions.

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#1. Site Loading Speed

Website loading speed matters in the website’s mobile optimization and user experience. Mobile users sometimes have a slow internet connection and if your website is heavy, then there will be chances of lag or slow page load speed. Following are some methods to make your site load faster on mobile devices.

Compressed Media Files

We use various media files including, videos, images, GIFs, flash files, audio files, etc. on our website. You must have to compress them before uploading.

Fast Servers

Try to use fast servers behind your website. Making the wrong choice with servers and hosting will make your website load slower for mobile users.

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#2. Enhanced User Interface

User experience also matters while optimizing your website for the mobile experience. Your website’s user interface will be completely different from the desktop UI. Following are some major changes that you should have to make.

Resizing Media Files

Resize and show all the media files including your page header, logo, main content according to the mobile screen size.

Fewer Redirects

Try to use fewer redirects as it will confuse mobile users.

Easy Navigation

Make navigation easy for mobile users so that they can happily spend more time on your website.

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#3. Secure Payments

Security is also a crucial element while optimizing your website for the mobile experience. If you don’t have a secure system for payments, then there will be no easy conversions.

SSL Certificates

Must have SSL certificates installed on your website for extra protection.

Payment Safety

Use a payment system that provides complete security to the user.

Data Encryption

Try to use third-party data encryption to make your users feel comfortable while paying.

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#4. Less The Mess

The next thing you need to pay attention to is to clear the clutter from your website. Desktop websites have many things on a single screen. But mobile devices cannot show up everything on a single screen or page. Try following tricks to lessen the mess from your mobile-optimized website.

Easy To Pay

Make a payment gateway as simple and easy as possible.

No More Ads

Don’t show up too many ads to the visitors on the screen.

Fewer Pop-Ups

Genuinely use pop-ups. Overuse of it will annoy mobile users.

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#5. Call To Action

Call to action is also important in mobile conversions. We have many calls to action buttons on our website. But in a mobile experience, you need to make some changes.

No Multiple Call To Actions

Try to add a single call to action on a single webpage for mobile devices. Never add multiple calls to actions, because it will confuse the user.

#6. Main Content

Optimizing your website for mobile devices is not complete without paying attention to the main content of the website or a particular page. Following are some factors that you need to consider.

Highlight It More

Try to make your main content highlighted. Never mix it up with the other pieces of content.

More Visuals, Less Text

There should be more visuals in your main content. Try to add less text to enhance the mobile experience.

Short Titles

Long titles and meta descriptions will hide the main content in mobile devices. Try to keep them as short as possible.

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#7. Test Before Going Live

Testing is very important before you make your mobile-optimized website live. Because there can be many errors and you need to fix them before you let the world jump to your website. Try to hire some professionals for device testing. Also, you can use various tests of mobile experience with the help of your team, colleagues, friends, and family. But conducting a professional test is more important.

Multiple Device Test

Multiple device tests are required when optimizing your website for mobile devices. There are different mobile devices with different screen resolutions, browsers, etc. So you need to test in a way to get your website ready for almost all the devices.


Enhanced mobile experience can dramatically change the rate of conversion on your website. If you are doing marketing in the best way and your product is adding value to your customer’s life, then you will get more sales. But if you are not paying attention to the mobile experience, then there will be a drop in sales. So the mobile experience is really important. Because it makes your site visitors feel comfortable and convenient to pay quickly.