Casino games like roulette and slots have been among the most popular forms of gambling for a long time, with the traditional approach of looking for the ball to land in the right number or getting matching symbols on spinning reels still the basis for all of these games. However, the way that the game has moved online has introduced changes that have had a huge effect on the gambling landscape.


A Variety of Games That Appeal to Different Players

Having these games online has made it easier for more people to find and play the games that most appeal to them. Betfair is a prime example of the numerous different titles available, covering themes that should appeal to many types of players. These include variations of casino classics, offering players a chance to experience a virtual form of their favorite roulette game or blackjack staple as well as classic slots.

Yet, this is only part of the story. As well as making it easier to play traditional versions of these games, we can also now play alternative versions that use the latest technology or tap into current trends and themes. In roulette, this means choosing between American and European versions, deciding whether to play with multiple hands, and looking at games with features such as multipliers.

The introduction of live-streamed tables has brought in a different type of appeal for those players who prefer to experience an authentic casino atmosphere. While the basic gameplay hasn’t been greatly altered, this style of presentation with a human dealer on the screen has encouraged game developers to bring in a fresh new style as well as broadening their reach by introducing roulette and other table games in different languages and with themed studios.

In terms of slots, the variety ranges from games based on vampires or zombies to cute animals, bold explorers and more, with new ideas being added all the time. This means that a newcomer will immediately see a long list of hundreds or even thousands of titles, some of which are almost certain to appeal to them in one way or another. Branded slots that use images from movies or TV shows give another angle that attracts certain players.

This diverse approach has introduced new players to the industry, by giving interesting options to people who might not have considered playing slots or table games in the past. While the basic gameplay remains the same as it has always been, these themed games have expanded the appeal considerably by creating a connection to many people’s hobbies or tastes that intrigues them and encourages them to give slots a try.

A knock-on effect is that new users attracted by the wide range of slots may then try other casino games such as roulette for the first time, or vice versa. In this way, the original game acts as a gateway to the full range of casino games, showing us that sometimes a gentle introduction to a new area can be worthwhile and that there’s nothing complex or intimidating about playing in a casino.


More Ways of Winning

The typical method of winning on a slot game remains the same as mentioned earlier, with three or more matching symbols usually needed to ensure a payout. Online slot developers have taken this as simply being the starting point for their modern games, before adding in other ways of winning that make the gameplay more varied.

These additional ways of winning a prize are sometimes seen in the context of bonus rounds, where the player gets extra spins or can pick a mystery prize from a selection of mystery objects. Adding this variety to the gameplay has worked well together with the above point about more themes, as it has created a new style of playing experience that allows each user to tailor their visit to their preferences. Progressive jackpot prizes are also used on some slots, with the amount growing until someone wins it.

With roulette, we tend to see fewer features added, as the classic gameplay of choosing the number where you expect to see the ball land has stood the test of time with no problems. However, the big difference here is that some modern game creators have decided to add in bigger wins through multipliers, while others have been adventurous by introducing concepts such as spread betting or even using two balls instead of one.

Card games like blackjack and baccarat have been pushed in a different direction, as they’re ideal for playing with side bets based on the values, suits, or colors of the first cards dealt. Since these wagers are optional, players have the choice of adding this to their bet on the main game or not.


Free Games and Spins

Bonus spins and other offers have also been brought into the online casino world, and this has made it simpler for newcomers to give the slots and other games a try. Many of the offers are aimed at slot players, with eye-catching free spin deals that give them a chance to get started and find out which games suit them best.

Free spins on slots are often offered to new players, possibly because these simple games of chance are seen as the best introduction for new players who are joining an online casino for the first time. Yet, while free games at the roulette or baccarat tables aren’t as common, a casino’s bonuses can sometimes be used on any game, giving even more flexibility in terms of how to use them.

The various aspects and approaches we’ve looked at have brought new players to online casinos, and the signs are that slots will continue to act as a big part of the appeal of these sites. As the games and offers carry on evolving, we can expect to see them become an ever more important part of the gambling landscape.