Triple net lease investment, otherwise known as NNN lease, is gaining steady traction with each passing day. NNN lease investments have achieved this reputation for so many reasons, most notably the flexibility it accords investors.

If you’re seeking a passive real estate income stream that features maximum returns and minimum risks and isn’t too saturated, you might want to look at triple net lease investments.

However, before we delve into the many benefits associated with this real estate firm, let’s tilt our focus, albeit momentarily, on passive real estate investment.

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What Is a Passive Real Estate Investment?

Just like the concept suggests, a passive real estate investment is an investment strategy undertaken by investors and intending investors searching for a passive income stream.

Typically, these investors don’t have time to fund businesses that require the utmost attention. Consequently, they look for an alternative that’s flexible across the board, and that’s where passive real estate investments come to the fore.

Unlike active real estate investments, passive real estate investors don’t have to be directly involved in running and managing their assets. As a passive investor, all you have to do is invest in a real estate business, sit back, relax, and garner positive cash flow binding to your property. Easy peasy!

There are different passive real estate investment forms such as purchasing real estate business stocks, investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), crowdfunding and lease investment.

However, it’s worth noting that each investment type has a different risk percentage and payout attached.

Among these passive investment types, real estate lease investments rank high for returns and less risk. Lease investments are of different types, including single net, double net, and triple net. Here, triple net leases stand out as the most passive real estate lease investment variation.

Also, with these three net lease forms, triple net requires the least involvement from investors and property owners. Consequently, most investors are taking the triple net investments path as it accords them convenience all around.

To access a NNN property list crafted just for you, visit However, if you’re a newbie to triple net investing, keep reading to attain mastery.

What Is an NNN Lease Investment?

To give meaning to triple net investments, understanding the idea behind a triple net property is crucial. A property that features a triple net lease is where the tenants and occupants are responsible for expenses incurred on the property premises, such as property taxes, insurance, and maintenance charges.

The triple net lease property make-up ensures that the property owner has little to no role to play in property affairs. Now that we’ve given you a foundation on a NNN lease property let’s focus on NNN lease investments.

In simple terms, triple net lease investment involves acquiring a triple net lease property and renting it out to a tenant. As a NNN lease investor, you’re free from any worry bordering on property affairs, as well as footing any expenses that come with that property. Generally, commercial real estate investing properties bear semblance with triple net leases.

Triple net lease investment has very few risks and promises investors a steady passive income flow. This lease form is advantageous to both the investor and the person leasing the property.

How does it benefit both parties? With investors getting the freedom they desire, tenants lease the house at a much higher rate than a regular property lease arrangement.

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Benefits of Having a Passive Real Estate Investment

With the real estate market labeled as a “gold mine,” more and more investors are looking to stake a claim in this industry. However, some investors might have issues monitoring their real estate investments at all times.

If you’re among this set, fret not, as there’s an excellent real estate investment alternative tailored just for you. Let’s take a peek at some perks you’re sure to enjoy upon passive real estate investing.

•You Don’t Have to Deal With Inconveniences of Maintaining the Property

If you don’t want those nagging midnight calls from your regular property tenants, you should consider investing passively in real estate. Managing a building can be stressful, time-consuming, and ultimately, financially draining.

However, with a passive investment on the ground, you don’t have to worry about expenses or disturbing text from your occupants.

•Relatively Steady Income

Are you searching for an investment opportunity that features a steady income flow with little costs and minimal risks? NNN lease investments are the perfect fit for you.

•No Worries About Running Costs About Costs

Like it or not, running a property attracts unavoidable costs. While repairs are regular, homeowners will pay taxes and other bills at some set intervals.

However, you can escape these costs without having to forfeit your investment. How? With passive real estate investing!

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Finding the Perfect Triple Net Lease Investment Property

Although triple net lease investments are known for their negligible risks, they aren’t entirely risk-free.

Here, any careless investment decision will cost you time, money, and sometimes your entire investment.

That said, you can avoid this issue in its entirety by finding the perfect Triple net lease for sale.

How can you go about this? Let’s find out:

•Consider What Kind of Triple Net Property For Your Investment

There are different triple net properties suitable for real estate investment. Before making your choice, make sure you consider the different types and decide which suits you best. Triple net properties include popular stores like CVS, Walgreen, 7 eleven, among others.

•Think of the Perfect Location for Your Investment

You can find a triple net property almost anywhere, but not all these locations will be perfect for you. Carefully consider property locations before making any investment decision. Why? Investing in the wrong spot could cost you a lot.

•Get Professional Help to Find the Best Deals

With NNN properties, you must make complex decisions and carry out extensive research to find the perfect triple net lease properties for investment. For this reason, ensure that you allow net lease advisors to handle proceedings.

These professionals won’t just save you the stress; they will also reduce the cost of making a wrong choice.

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Final Words

Now that you have learned all you need to know about triple net real estate investment, it is time to test the waters.

If you wish to land the best triple net lease investment property deals with the most negligible risks and the highest returns, make your go-to guide to draft a comprehensive listing.