With a massive debut during Nicky Romero\’s set at Ultra Music Festival this year, fans of both NR and Dutch duo Vicetone were eager for more information about the collaboration. After an official announcement coming from Nicky\’s label, Protocol Recordings, the massive progressive collaboration entitled \”Let Me Feel\” is finally here. Alongside NR & VT, When We Are Wild also provided the stellar vocals, seeing that male vocals are become more sparse in the EDM community. The melodic feel, the intense uplifting energy, and the radio-friendly tone, \”Let Me Feel\” is a hit in and out of the festival scene. Raking in over a million preview plays on SoundCloud in just about 2 weeks, this one is sure to be one to remember. \”Let Me Feel\” is available now on Beatport, via Protocol Recordings.

Nicky Romero & Vicetone – Let Me Feel (feat. When We Are Wild) | Beatport