It\’s been nearly 2 and a half years since Toulouse was released; this track was a milestone in the electro house genre. It\’s groggy \’Modern Talking\’ synthesizer sound along with a cool music video using the Guy Fawkes mask made it one of the most iconic dance tunes to date.

The mastermind behind Toulouse is none other than Dutch DJ and producer Nicky Romero. The 25 year old has seen some major success over the last year; he was ranked #7 in DJ Mag\’s Top 100 and has been running his own triumphant label Protocol Recordings.

Premiered at Ultra Music Festival, Nicky\’s new track Feet On The Ground brings back the roots of his original music. Ditching the average big room track for a more melodic one is not a bad idea at all. The vocals come from Dutch singer Anouk.

There\’s no release date on this one yet, but you can check it out here:

You can also watch Nicky Romero\’s Ultra set here (he plays Feet On The Ground at 29:06):