Wilsonn, a relatively new R&B/Electronic singer has just released his debut single “Even If I Know.” Featuring some smooth and luscious electronic elements, his voice paired with the music is something truly extraordinary. Wilsonn’s unique voice thrives on this track. The lyrics are perfectly curated, written and performed. The arrangement is well suited for this style and has somewhat of a twist halfway through. I urge you to definitely check out this track.

Although this is his debut single, Wilsonn has actually worked with Mua5trap’s Attlas. He is cited to have co-written the world wide hit “Batch.” Clearly the R&B/electronic is here to stay. For this specific track he wanted to include the darkness in sound design paired with an R&B feel. He nailed this combination. In his own words: “It can be quite easy to write music with up beat synths about how good life is, however it’s when it all comes crashing down when you really start to write the music that got you into this in the first place” – Wilsonn

To check out this awesome track from Wilsonn be sure to listen below