When you decide to move to a new home, it can be exciting and challenging at the same time. However, when you don’t stay organized, you will make lots of blunders. But, if you don’t want to get the help of movers, then read this article till the end because here we’ll share some new home moving day tips to help you move smoothly.

10 Tips for New Home Moving Day

If you don’t want to convert your moving day into a horror story, then read these tips or go straight to a professional movers –


1. Make a To-Do List

Moving to a new place can be an overwhelming experience because you need to take care of utilities, pets, kids and hire a professional moving company. Moreover, moving is all about starting a new chapter of life, so you will have a fear of lots of things.

When you have a to-do list, it will ensure that you don’t forget or overlook things. Prioritize each task and when you complete the task, mark it done. When you see lots of completed tasks on the list, you’ll feel motivated.

2. Wake Up Early

Moving is a big day, so it’s not a good practice to sleep late at night. When you sleep late, it will not be easy to wake up early. Therefore, sleep early and set the alarm. Moreover, take a healthy breakfast. It will keep your stomach full, and you’ll get all the required energy to move to a new home.


3. Wear Right Clothes

Is it your first moving experience, or do you already have some? If you have past moving experience, you must have noted that professional movers don’t wear sandals, tank tops, and Bermuda shorts. These clothes can put you in trouble.

If you want to protect yourself from injuries, wear long pants and sturdy shorts. Long sleeve t-shirt can protect your arms from scratches and bumps. Ensure that you wear boots or shoes with laces.

On the other hand, wearing loose clothes will make you feel comfortable, but they also put you in danger. For example, they can get snagged on garden tools, doorknobs, and television. As a result, you can get injured.

You know better about your living area so that you can plan better for eventualities like excessive heat, snow, and rain. Finally, your outfit will be dirty and odorous at the end of the day. So, ensure that you have clean clothes in a bag that you can wear in your new home.

4. Don’t Keep Too Many Things for Packing on the Moving Day

We have mentioned it hundreds of times to pack your belongings well before the move day. But still, there will be some belongings that can’t be packed early, for example, comforters, kitchen utensils, bath towels, and toiletries.  The best approach is to keep some boxes ready for these items so that you can just put them in the box quickly. However, don’t do it in a rush. Otherwise, you may damage your items.


5. Keep Your Essential Items Aside

When you hire movers for a move, they’ll load and handle most of your goods. But you can’t leave everything on them to handle. Household items like jewelry, medication, important documents, phone chargers, irreplaceable family hair looms, and pair of clothes should be kept aside in a separate handbag or box.

Sometimes movers load everything in the truck because they’re in a hurry. So, label the box so that movers don’t load it.

6. Get Some Cleaning Supplies

When movers take everything out and load it into the truck, the best way to clean your old home for new residents, for sweeping and dusting, you need some cleaning supplies. You can make your old place look presentable by using cleaning supplies like a feather duster, a few rags, a dustpan, and some detergent. If you already have these items at home, set aside them; otherwise, you’ll have to purchase new ones.


7. Find a Safe and Comfortable Place for Kids and Pets

Moving can be stressful for your kids and pets, so the best way is to keep them away from the moving process, especially on the moving day. If possible, hire a pet sitter for your pets and leave your kids at any of your relative’s homes.

If you don’t want to do this, ensure that you dedicate a room for them where they can eat, snooze, and play.

8. Prepare a Bag of Food, Drinks, and First-Aid

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving your home yourself or you have hired movers for this task; you always need to prepare a moving day bag. Ensure that your bag is full of energy drinks that can keep you energized during your move. The key is to stay hydrated even if you’re moving in the winter months.

Avoid heavy food on the move day because it can make everyone sleepy. The best approach is to eat small meals several times a day. You never know what can happen on a moving day, so keep a first-aid box with you. Don’t forget to add toilet paper to the bag.


9. Avoid Running to ATM

When you’re in a hurry, you make many mistakes, and running out of cash is one of them. Calculate how much money you need at least a few days before the move so that you can withdraw and have some money in hand. Ensure that you have 10% to 20% more cash than your estimated cost.

10. Do a Thorough Walkthrough

You might have packed and loaded everything carefully, but still, there can be some overlooked items. Sometimes we leave some necessary items, but we can’t get them back after leaving that home. The best approach is to do a thorough inspection. Seek the help of someone to ensure that nothing is escaped from your eyes.


Final Words

After following these tips, you can make your moving day easy. Moreover, these tips can help you enjoy a positive moving experience.