If you happen to be bored, whether at home or at work, you should find a way to entertain yourself for a while until it passes. While there are many ways to cure your boredom, playing games are the most interesting solution to that. With many different types of games, it is really hard not to find ones that you will like.

However, these games have to fulfill certain criteria. Firstly, they have to be interesting enough to entertain you well. Secondly, they have to be easily accessible so they don’t need any installations, you just load them and play.

Because there are many games on the internet, to make your selection easier we have made this article. We have prepared a list of games that you should go through and decide which is the one that should be your go-to when you happen to be bored the next time.

Card Games

Card games are one of the most timeless classics in both the digital and physical gaming world, and there’s a myriad of them online to try out.

If you like practicing your poker face, entertaining yourself when there’s no one else around, or having a portable setup wherever you go, these are a great option.

If you have friends to play with, why not try out a digital version of the classic Hearts?

In this game, the goal is to have the fewest points out of anyone at the end of the round.

Hearts.land is a free place to find this game and play with your friends, or against a computer if you just want to sharpen your skills without your rivals knowing.


Another game that’s great for sharpening the mind and only requires one player is Solitaire! Like with Hearts, there’s a cool version of this game online called Solitaire Bliss. You can play FreeCell, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and other versions of this game of wits.

What’s more, the site can configure the shuffling so it’s possible to get a win if you’re using your head. This sort of rule change is exclusive to digital versions of the game, so consider checking it out if you’ve never gotten a win in solitaire before.

Billiards games

Source: androidauthority.com

One of the most interesting types of games that you can find is the billiard or pool games. Not only that they can be found everywhere, but they are really fun to be played.

Sure, the game is always the same. However, playing against different people on the internet makes it competitive and you can cure your boredom easily while playing it. The tactics and the focus that you need to align the cue with the ball will make you forget about your obligations. So, make sure that you set a timer to remind yourself about the real work that you have.

Mathematical puzzles

If you happen to be a person who enjoys mathematics, these types of games are for you. These puzzles are not always dependent on your mathematical knowledge, so everyone can try them out.

If you remember, there was a game of this type popular in the past where you connect squares and their number doubles, and you are doing this endlessly until you lose. So, when I think about an option that can entertain me for a long time, I am thinking of this one.

However, there are still similar puzzle games that will entertain you, and not only that you will do something while you are bored, but you can be concentrated more on the activities right after playing.

Candy matching

Source: Silvergames.com

These games are mostly played by our mothers, and they are pretty addictive. Because they are pretty easy to be understood, they can be played by everyone. The basic concept is to match candies by their color, and when you connect more than three, they burst.

To make the game more interesting, there are missions that you have to do, whether beating the time or having to collect certain things. This is also one of the things that you can practice so you can be more concentrated on the obligations when you finish playing.

For example, online jigsaw puzzles are great options for those looking to complete all different types of puzzles. Some websites have thousands of different puzzles to choose from, including featured puzzles and a puzzle of the day

Quiz games

One of the ways to pass time more interestingly is by testing your existing knowledge on certain topics. There are many games of this type that you can find with the simplest search on the internet. After choosing a topic that you want to compete in there are questions that you need to answer and wait for the results.

As a bonus stimulation, some games have players from around the world which you can compete with. Since there are many topics that you can choose, you can surely find something that you are interested in, so you can test your knowledge.


Source: sourcecodester.com

If a have to set aside a single option that many people have played, and it is one of the most interesting games although you are not doing much is the flow game. You are given colored dots which you have to connect without crossing the line of each color. It is a pretty simple concept that will leave you stuck to your phone connecting dots your whole day.

Although this game does not have a competitive option to play against others, it will definitely entertain you in the periods when you are bored.

Betting games

In case you happen to be a person who enjoys the feeling of anticipation while playing games, you should try this type of entertainment. Although there are certain risks to it, if you are planning your budget well, you will not have any problems with it.

There are many different types of games, and depending on what you enjoy playing, you should pick one. You can start from the cards, and go all the way through to the slot games.

The feeling of winning a prize will not only cure your boredom but will make you happy too. Combine that with the burst of adrenaline because of the risks as suggested by www.weclub88.cc. Make sure that you are not spending more than you should, and you should be good.

Crash planning

Source: gamesradar.com

This game happened to be on the list because of the way it looks. When you load it up, it looks like a regular spreadsheet. That way, if you are bored while you are still working, you will not have any problems with the people above you. The concept itself is pretty simple, you are connecting the same colored blocks to pop them. Being entertained is basically guaranteed, both because of the game, and because you can do this in front of the directors as well.

Typing games

Lastly, we have typing games as a type of arcade that you can enjoy while you are bored. If you happen to write essays for a long time, or just be using the computer for a long period of your life, you can test your skill.

There are games of this type where you compete against others on how quickly you can write certain words that pop up and move on the scoreboard. That way, the person who is the fastest wins. Although it looks like it’s simple, it is pretty competitive when you see someone passing you, and you try better because of that.


Because there are many different games that you can try, we recommend trying at least a couple of them to determine which is the one most suitable for you. Make sure that you separate enough time to cure your boredom, and not forget about the real obligations of yours. Choose the game that you like best, and have fun in the periods when feeling bored.