Beyond Broadway musical adaptations, music industry films have had a historically rough time seeing Hollywood blockbuster success. After all, Zac Efron\’s box office failure, We Are Your Friends, is one that proves it. Well it seems EDM\’s sophomore film, XOXO, will attempt to spotlight the electronic dance music industry and culture once again by bringing the scene we call home into the homes of millions of internet subscribers. The Netflix Original focuses on one up-and-coming bedroom producer\’s (played by Graham Phillips) journey to stardom when he gets the chance to perform at ‘the biggest festival in America’, XOXO. The film is stocked full of kandi, fuzzies, and the free-love kandi culture appeal that follows EDC Las Vegas.

Starring Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, a first time festival raver, along with comedic sideshow Chris D’Elia, a jaded EDM cynic, XOXO seems to have something for everyone — especially the more commercially oriented rave goers who love EDC, Ultra, and the like — but will most certainly raise skeptical eyebrows in the industry we call home. It will be interesting to see whether popular culture will portray mainstream EDM in a responsible and truthful light, and hopefully start to shed commentary on the gendered archetype of the male DJ.

Check out the trailer and keep an eye out for the film, coming soon to Netflix.