What do you get when you put a British bass-master and an ATL-original dubstep producer on the same song? Freaking madness, thats what. For NEST HQ\’s fifth release, Skrillex and the gang have given us mere electronic music fans \”Survivors\”, a heavy piece of musical gold from two of my favorite dubstep producers, Zomboy and MUST DIE!. Judging from the witty banter scattered throughout their Skype interview with NEST HQ, Zomboy and MUST DIE! had as much fun making the track as you will have listening to it. As with all NEST HQ releases, \”Survivors\” is available for free download here so feel free to go as hard as you would like whenever you like. Also, if you\’re a fan of la música dubstep, keep an eye out for new Zomboy and MUST DIE! material throughout the next few weeks!