Today NEST HQ, Skrillex\’s latest record label, put out its second release ever, this time featuring dirtybird co-founder\’s Worthy\’s latest EP \”Hit Me\”. With their mission of becoming a platform for artists to release the music they want to their fans, it is no surprise that NEST HQ would team up with one of the DJs of the rogue and rebellious record label dirtybird Records.

Created in 2003, the San Francisco-based dirtybird crew started out by putting on free shows in Golden Gate park for their friends and anyone else who would listen. Being dissatisfied with the direction electronic music was headed, the gang stayed true to their love of grimy house/techno music and threw their infamous Sunday bass-heavy parties that grew from a mere 5 or 6 listeners to crowds as large as 1000 people. In 2005, member Barclay Crenshaw (aka Claude VonStroke) created the dirtybird record label in order for their sound to reach larger audiences. With classic hits such as Claude VonStroke\’s \”Deep Throat\” and newer releases such as Justin Martin and Eats Everything\’s \”Steven Jello\”, dirtybirds has gained a large and loyal following of funky-fresh tech house fans over the past decade and refuse to slow down.

Since both the labels\’ missions are similar with their good-music-over-money mentality, it seems only natural that dirtybird original Worthy would release his EP through NEST HQ. Check out his interview with NEST HQ about his newest EP here and download the two track EP for free (yes free) through NEST HQ\’s website here.

For more about the founding of dirtybird Records, check out the interview of the fellas from the original crew below.