As the second single to be taken from their forthcoming debut artist album ‘Collateral’, NERVO have released ‘It Feels’ – a shimmering electronic twist on contemporary pop music.

\”We were thrilled when Ultra Music chose to release \’It Feels\’ as a single as it is one of our favorite tracks from ‘Collateral’, our forthcoming debut artist album”, explain NERVO. “For us, it is definitely one of the more ‘chilled\’ records on the album and different than the usual dance floor tracks that labels generally like to release.” – NERVO

Having first made their name writing hit records for the likes of David Guetta, Armin van Buuren and Ke$ha, it’s perhaps no surprise then that it’s their songwriting credentials that really come to the fore on ‘It Feels’. Amidst a flurry of tightly-worked synthetic melodies and peak-time beats, the duo’s vocal glides in and out of focus to deliver the memorable hook that all potential crossover hit records need.

\”We are back on the microphones doing vocals again which is nice as we had been taking a break from the singing side of things in 2014” – NERVO

Out now on iTunes.