coachella 2016

App-based helicopter charter service company, Blade has partnered with Uber to offer an on-demand helicopter service to the Coachella music festival.

UberCHOPPER services have been priced at $4,170 per one-way flight from the Van Nuys Airport outside of Los Angeles to Coachella\’s festival grounds. Each helicopter can hold six people, which, if the users decide to split the fare, would cost each person $695.



Uber users can begin reserving a chopper today starting today for a ride from Van Nuys Airport (an Uber SUV will pick you up from any location in LA and bring you to the airport) to Indio, California for the festival. Uber is also also offering an SUV back to LA for $399 for those who reserve a chopper.

A helicopter can be requested through the Uber app.

Via: theverge