NBLM teams up with Lloyd Macey to deliver a perfect summer house bop, “Here with You.” The poppy track soars with beautiful vocals from Lloyd Macey, carrying the track and listeners with his airy voice. NBLM holds down the beat making with overly catchy house vibes, spliced with a twinge of tropical influence throughout. “Here with You” is really the perfect track to accompany your summer.

Both NBLM and Lloyd Macey have risen to stardom early on in their budding careers. NBLM formed only six months ago, and have landed tracks with the likes of Universal, Sony, Spinnin’, Nervous, and Dirty Dutch. Aside from their astounding track repertoire, the group has racked up over 100 million YouTube views as well.

Lloyd Macey rose to fame from a stint on the X Factor, finding fans from far and wide and captivating hearts around the globe.

“Here with You” is a summer treat waiting to be listened to. Check it out below.