Breakups are hard. One second you think you’ve found your one true love and are planning a life together and the next you can’t believe you were that naive. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Maybe the timing is wrong. Maybe your lives refuse to blend and the drama never ends. It can be anything.

Other times though it can turn out to be a case of unfaithfulness. Or, a breach of trust that you can’t ignore. It can be a deal-breaker and hard to handle, but you must get it under control. You might be bawling your eyes out over it and that’s ok, but there are other therapies you might want to try, like watching movies. And all you need for it is a good cable connection which you can click here to get. To ensure you find the good movies rather than the depressing lot, we have compiled a list of some great ones we think you’ll benefit from. So, grab a tub of ice cream and snuggle into those blankets. It’s time you put the past behind you.

1. 500 Days of Summer (2009)

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Tom, a trained architect, works as a writer at a greeting card company where he meets Summer. He is attracted to her and thinks he has found the one. She does not believe in love even though Tom does. Their romance picks up and they are enjoying their time together, with just one thing missing. Tom wants to know if their relationship is going anywhere. Summer brushes away the worry.

They continue to date however, until a guy makes a move on Summer. Tom gets into a fight with him and eventually with Summer, their first fight after which she concedes that Tom deserves some certainty. On day 290 of their relationship, she breaks up with him.

Tom spirals into depression and struggles with his job. At the same time, Summer leaves her job to work somewhere else. They finally meet at their co-worker’s wedding and Tom looks forward to rekindle their relationship only to find her engaged. Ouch, that’s got to hurt. But, it gets better and you have to see it to learn how. If you’re going through the same kind of breakup, this is the movie to watch, you’ll leave feeling better for sure. Spiraling into a depression like Tom is not an option after all.

2. Up (2009)

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In the first ten minutes of the movie, you’ll go through a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s beautiful, the love that Carl and his wife share. Building a life together, taking care of each other through the thick and thin. It’s sure to get you teary-eyed. But, what happens when the love of your life passes away? Well, 78-year-old Carl has to figure that out.

The old man has never known how to live without her, except that now he must. Knowing her love for adventure and wish to live in the South American wilderness, he ties thousands of balloons to his house to take her there with him. He is quite a grumpy man and set in his ways which is why when a young boy approaches to help him in hopes of earning his scout badge, he shoos him away. Russells however, refuses to leave and tags along on the journey with him and now that he is there, Carl cannot send him away. They keep moving forward and their trip ends up quite adventurous indeed and his newly developed bond with the kid helps Carl recover. May be you need something similar. Finding people who love and care about you is a great point to begin.

3. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

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The only thing crazier than love is family and this couldn’t be truer. Rachel Chu is in love with her boyfriend Nick Young and is excited to visit his home in Singapore. Invited to a friend’s wedding they visit the country where Rachel learns for the first time that Nick’s family is one of the wealthiest there. Her modest background has set her for much scorn from the people there including Nick’s mom. This movie has some of the most iconic scenes and dialogues that’ll have you sitting straight with eyes glued to the screen. It may be able to give you a few pointers on your current situation as well so stay attentive. If not, well, it is a great movie even if just for entertainment value so make sure you watch it.

4. Legally Blonde (2001)

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When Elle Woods is rejected by her boyfriend, who thinks she doesn’t fit in his future of being a senator, she doesn’t give up. She applies for Harvard Law School where he is studying and manages to get accepted with ease. “What, like it’s hard?” She proves then that being her normal girly self does not take away from being a woman of substance in any way and when you see her get on her feet and be a strong independent woman, you’re sure to fall even deeper in love with her. If you’re looking to build your life and become independent Elle Woods is who you should be looking up to.

5. Eat Pray Love (2010)

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The universe has a plan for all of us and that is what the movie adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love tells us all. While accepting this can be hard, Gilbert’s creation helps us cope with it better. As you follow Julia Roberts traveling the globe solo after a breakup, you’ll find that sometimes all you need is yourself. So, take this journey with her. It’ll be worth it.

Final words

These are just five movies, but boy do they pack a punch. They offer great insight and can be instructional too if that’s what you need. Sometimes, when we suffer a breakup we respond to it out of hurt and if it is a toxic approach, you can hurt yourself along the way. These movies help you cope with pain in a healthy way and the message they carry is positive. So, make sure you watch them.