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It’s not a secret that our physical appearance has a lot to do with our self-confidence and the type of “picture” others form in their mind about us. Even though it shouldn’t be like that, there are many studies that confirmed the truth in this. According to those, the way we appear in front of others has a lot to do with success in certain situations, for example, job interviews or business meetings. It’s just how things work in this modern society.

When it comes to physical appearance, the one thing people notice first is your face. And, unfortunately, Vitiligo is a condition that manifests itself in that particular area of the body in some individuals. For those of you unfamiliar with this condition, Vitiligo is an unpleasant occurrence that causes the loss of pigment cells, also called melanocytes, in certain parts of a person’s skin.

Although there are a few different types of this condition, it is easily recognizable by looking at a person and noticing all the “whiter” spots on their skin, roughly said. It’s like a “strange tan line”, at least that’s how people describe it. In today’s article, we’ll talk about Vitiligo and using monobenzone skin cream for treatment. If you are a person dealing with this condition right now and you’re looking for a cure, or you’re simply a curious person or a medicine student looking to learn some more, this is the right place to be. Let’s take a look.

1. The cream is easy to find

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Let’s begin with the most obvious benefit, which is ease-of-access when it comes to finding monobenzone skin cream. This is not a product that you need to search for in dozens of pharmacies or something that you need a doctor’s recommendation or a receipt for. You can find the product easily and start using it immediately by carefully reading the instructions first. Of course, you can speak with your dermatologist first before attempting anything on your own. If you want a direct example for the availability of this particular product, you can learn more at okdermo.

2. It is an effective solution

For those of you wondering what kind of an effect monobenzone skin cream has on your “pigment-less” areas, well, it doesn’t. However, those who created this product had something else in mind. Instead of “fixing” the lighter areas of your face for example, this cream is designed to “lighten up” the darker areas instead, evening up the result. By doing this your face won’t have any differences in terms of appearance, and you won’t look like you have the Vitiligo condition at all. But, things aren’t as black and white. There are some small side-effects that you need to remember of, but we’ll get to that in just a few moments.

3. This product is not very expensive

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Monobenzone skin cream is not expensive. You can find it for less than fifty dollars on the internet, or even cheaper than that somewhere in your local pharmacy stores. Either way, it’s a very small price that you need to pay for something that makes such a huge impact in your life. Don’t get us wrong, everyone is perfect in their own way, but if your appearance is something that bothers you so much, dealing with that issue for just fifty dollars sounds like a great offer to us.

4. It doesn’t hurt using it

Unlike some other dermatology products, using monobenzone skin cream doesn’t hurt at all. But, there are some side-effects that people don’t really like, such as itching, but we’ll talk about them in the last section. If you are someone who never used such products before, chances are that you are a bit afraid of how it will turn out. But, once again, we strongly assure you that it doesn’t hurt or provide any unpleasant feeling at all. It’s a smooth sail.

5. Skipping a dose is not scary

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Doctors recommend that you don’t skip any doses for maximum efficiency, but, we all know that sometimes “life happens”, and it’s not the end of the world if we forget to apply a layer of this product on our skin every now and then. But, something very important that doctors mention in their studies is that you shouldn’t try to “add up” on the missed dose. This means that if you ever skip one, you don’t have to apply double the amount of this crème the next time you need to do so. Doing this may result in increasing the chances for side effects, simply because your skin cannot handle that particular amount at the same time.

6. It doesn’t interfere with other medications

If you are someone who cares a lot about your skin, chances are that you are using other products or even medications to improve the condition of it. In such cases, people who do this are often afraid that these two, or more medications, will interfere with each other. But, according to numerous researches and studies, the monobenzone skin cream won’t cause any harm if you use it with other similar products. However, we recommend using them at a different time instead. Or, at least that’s what doctors have to say about it.

7. Not too many side effects

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Last but not least, we mentioned side effects but we didn’t really explain or list any of them. So, let’s take a look at what might happen in individuals that have a slightly smaller tolerance to such products. Some of the possible things you can experience from the usage of monobenzone skin cream are the following ones:

  • Redness and a bit of swelling in the area where you applied it
  • A bit of skin irritation
  • Itching and the feeling of “dryness” as well as a warm area

As you can see, even those who might experience side effects don’t have to deal with anything too scary. But, it’s always best that you stop using the product or immediately contact your doctor if you experience any of these things.