Dreaming of opening up a restaurant never ends with failure, doesn’t it? It is all about success, clean tables, tasty food, gentle music, and lots of happy customers. However, the reality is a little bit different. More than half of restaurants fail during the first year and almost 80% of restaurants get closed during the fourth year. The reality is harsh, but if you are serious about making success, you can do it. Just make sure that you get informed about all the possible mistakes, so you can avoid them and ensure greater success. Let’s dive into the guide about the most common mistakes and what can you do to avoid it!

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1. Going with the flow

Even though this may be a good concept when it comes to socializing, meeting new people, or simply enjoying life, it won’t help you to make a success with your restaurant business. In fact, it may be the main reason for your failure. You need to make a detailed plan concerning the budget you have available and think about all the things you may need to pay during the preparation process.

The space you are renting will cost a certain amount of money. Also, don’t forget about the interior design, paying the salary of the staff, the necessary equipment, and the food. Your food should be protected at all times, so choose good refrigerators that will preserve your food in perfect condition. For more information, click this link. Nothing should go outside of your planned budget, you need to keep that in mind. If you simply start giving money left and right, you will go bankrupt. This is not how things should go.

2. Choosing a location poorly

The location is all about the strategy. According to Kitchenall.com you need to choose the location that will be somewhere where lots of people pass by and will be interested in coming by for a meal. Depending on the menu you will be offering and the concept you are planning, choose the location that will be just right.

The best thing is to pick a location where lots of offices are located because that way you will know that business people will be stopping by for launch and arrange deals. This means more work and money for you. On the other hand, if your target is to create appealing meals for younger people, then picking a location near the university would be a better option. Even though such an attractive location may be more expensive, it will be very well worth it. Think about it long term.

Localization is closely linked to space, including the space available for parking. Providing ample parking space for patrons is crucial, particularly for businesses that rely on high volumes of customers. In addition to space for parking, it’s also important to consider the flow of traffic around the restaurant. This includes ensuring there is enough room for customers to enter and exit the parking area safely. To optimize the efficiency of the customer experience, businesses may choose to incorporate advanced systems and technologies, such as drive thru systems from RSS. These systems can streamline the ordering process, reducing wait times and improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of a restaurant’s operations.

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3. Weird menu

It is good to try something new and people are open to trying out new things, but if your dishes are completely unrecognizable and with a weird taste, that won’t go well. People may come by in the beginning, but after a while, they will stop coming. The value and the taste of the food must correspond to the money given.

No one wants to spend a ridiculous amount of money on something that will leave them hungry and frustrated only to look for something else to eat after going to a restaurant. That is just bad business. You should create a menu that will be delicious and make people come by again. If you want to try something new, let it be just a suggestion about one or two dishes, but focus on something that will completely satisfy the senses of your customers.

4. Lack of management skills

Most people think that running a restaurant is easy, but that is not the case. It requires a tight structure and very careful planning. If you think that yelling at your staff will make them do their job better, you are wrong. The staff should be managed with respect and with a clear purpose in mind. If you are not skilled enough to do it, you should hire a manager who will be able to do it for you. People are readier to make an effort when they are appreciated and when the working environment is good. Preparing food in a restaurant is stressful enough, so make sure you don’t make it even harder for your employees. Rule with the velvet glove and your staff will do their best.

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5. Ignoring the feedback

Some people have a problem with listening to the feedback because of vanity or insecurity. However, this is your chance to learn and make huge progress. It is your insight into what can you do to improve your service and make the meals of your customers better. Make sure you pay close attention to everything they have to say. The Internet is full of valuable information that you can use to your advantage. Ignoring the reviews will just postpone the problem. On the other hand, if you make it a habit to read the reviews and apply the changes accordingly, you can be sure that you will be on your way to success and your customers will surely appreciate your efforts.

6. Prioritizing quantity over quality

If you constantly strive to deliver more meals and do more things even if you know that the quality will drop, you should know that it will become a problem at a certain point. It is always necessary to keep in mind that your customers want the quality they are used to. Hygiene is important in the restaurant business, so that shouldn’t be compromised. The meals should contain all the promised ingredients.

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Don’t forget about the service. Train your staff and make sure you set some rules about the way they should behave when serving a customer. You have probably heard it a thousand times “A customer is always right“. Make sure you do everything you can to help your customers feel comfortable in your restaurant and you can be sure that they will come back. We all want to be appreciated, so make sure you do what you can to show how much you care about the people you welcome in your restaurant.