A0R731 E Ecstasy pills or tablets close up studio shot methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Image shot 2004. Exact date unknown.

MDMA, often known by its street name Molly, is closely associated with the rave scene. MDMA is known as a party drug. Recently, the party drug has been used for a completely different purpose: to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

The results so far have yielded some outstanding – and surprising – results, according to reporter Kelley McMillan, who\’s findings have been published in the current issue of Marie Claire.

\”The findings from these most recent studies are supporting the earlier phase two findings, which found that 83 percent of participants were cured of their PTSD — compared to 25 percent who were cured from talk therapy alone.\”

Though these findings have generated some impressive results, McMillan still issues a word of caution to those consuming MDMA.

\”People should not be going out and taking MDMA recreationally and thinking that they\’re going to have these healing experiences.\”

In the past, studies showed that MDMA was found to have remarkable curative effects on severe clinical depression. Therapists are optimistic about the ways they\’ve seen MDMA help patients who are struggling with PTSD. This should be an interesting topic to follow in the future, as there is sure to be more research done on the drug.