When your loved one gets arrested, without a doubt, it is extremely upsetting and confusing. And when you need to know where they are being held, it adds to the confusion.

If anyone you love is in prison, it becomes important to know where they are as it will help you track their status. In this way, you can help them and support them.

However, so many arrests take place every day; if you look at the statistics, in 2017, in river county alone, there were around thirty-three thousand misdemeanors and fourteen thousand felony arrests took place. However, with the help of online lookup tools, you can easily do the inmate search riverside county. You will get information such as the inmate prison, visitation, court cases, release date etc.

And to help you with your search, below are some tips that will help you get accurate results.

Information And Tips You Need To Use Online Prisoner Lookup Tool?


If your loved ones get arrested when you are away, or they were taken without your knowledge, then you can find them with the help of online tools. These online tools are free, and they have an extensive database; you only have to put in some details, such as the name of the inmate, birth date, etc.

After you know where they are, you can contact them. You can check their status, their date of release, and visitations. Also, remember that there are three types of prisons, federal, state, and county. So, if you cannot find them in the federal database, then it is possible that they are in a state or county facility.

To know where your loved ones are, you must know the following:

  1. To get accurate results, you must know where they are incarcerated. If you are not aware, then at least you must know the state. There are possibilities that they are in federal jail, and you are looking for them in the state database.
  2. The second most important point is that you must know the inmate’s name. Also, remember to take care of the spelling too. Some websites let you search with a partial or an alias too. However, you must know the first name and the last name too.
  3. There are chances that there will be common names, so when you search, you might see several results. So, to be accurate, you can look up their date of birth. The online lookup tools sometimes also provide images and mugshots so that you know accurately who you are looking for.

One important note is that the database is usually accurate; however, there are chances that the inmate gets transferred, and it does take a few days to update the data. So, if you cannot find the inmate, you can try searching regularly. It is vital that you do not lose hope. If the inmate has left the facility and is already released, you will know that they are not in custody. So, in this case, you can always contact the public records office.

Ways To Connect With The Inmate


Once you know the status of the inmate, it becomes easy to get in touch with them. There are different ways to get in touch with them:

1. Write Letters

It is one of the easiest ways to get in touch and check the status. It is affordable, and the inmate too can write you back and respond to your letters. Some facilities even provide electronic letters too. When they get the letters, they get the support of their family. However, it is vital to remember that the officials read the letters too. So, avoid writing anything that can get your loved ones into trouble.

2. Phone Calls

The inmate can call you, but you cannot call them back. Inmates have the facility to make phone calls. You can save the number from where they called so that you do know that it is not a spam call.

3. In-Person Visits

After you know the status of your loved ones, and the prison where they are held, you can make an in-person visit too. Several facilities allow visits; however, they might not allow physical touch such as a handshake, hugs, etc. There are studies that have shown that when an inmate gets in-person visits, there are fewer chances that they go back to prison. However, remember to follow the visitation rules of the prison.

Difference Between Jail And Prison

You must have interchanged the words jail and prison; it is important to know how they are different. Jail is for the inmates who are waiting for their trial or who have committed a small misdemeanor or minor crime. Prison is for inmates who have committed serious crimes.

Why Find An Inmate?

It is not difficult to answer this question; family members, friends, and loved ones of the inmates care for them. In fact, inmate search also helps in keeping the communities safe too. Finding an inmate has several benefits, such as:

To Support them

When you contact the inmate and provide them support, it keeps them motivated, and they try to stay out of trouble. It has been shown that visitations, phone calls and support from family members help them to get back on their feet.

To Send Them Care Packages

You can send them the items that they might need. When they receive love, it will boost their willingness to do good. It also helps them make a better person; thus, it helps the community in being safe. Also, remember that the packages are checked by the officers, so remember to check the rules regarding what you can send.

To get the required information

Sometimes, the prison system is not perfect, the inmates might not get to perform their basic rights, or sometimes they get mistreated. So, when you know where the inmates are, you can visit them and check if they are okay or not. And if they are not treated well, you can always get help.

When someone is in prison, they have committed some crime, and in some cases, there are victims too. Victims sometimes want to know that the person who has hurt them is where they are being held. It is vital for their safety.


It can be frustrating when someone you love is in jail or prison, and it adds to the frustration when you do not know where they are being held. However, in today’s time, there are technological advancements, and with the help of all-in-one online lookup tools, you can get all the information about an inmate. Remember to follow the above-mentioned tips to get the accurate result.