Mat Zo’s new album Damage Control is one album I have been anticipating to hear for a long time. Coming off of Above & Beyond\’s label Anjunabeats, I was thrilled to hear it before the release.

Coming out on November 5th Mat Zo put about three years into this album and with singles out already such as \”Easy\” feat. Porter Robinson (a Beatport #1 hit),  \”Pyramid Scheme\” feat. Chuck D  (#2 breakout on the Billboard Dance Chart on release) and his newest single \”Lucid Dreams\”, this is the  album the edm world has been waiting for.

This album steps away from the typical trance and dance songs, Zo explores into different genres going from trap style songs (\”Caller ID\”) to more hip hop influenced songs (\”Moderate Stimulation\”).

This album truly shows the capabilities of Mat Zo, it\’s very emotional and can go from calming, to having you dance around the room.I will admit that hearing it the first time I did not enjoy it as much as I hyped it up, but the second time I really felt and understood the music. This album quickly grew on me, the last time that happened was back when Dj Tiesto\’s album Kaleidoscope came out, it shows me the artist is producing these tracks for himself as well as us.

Along with his new album, Mat Zo is also having a world tour. You can get more info at his website here. The only thing I hate is he will not be stopping by here, in Chicago. Oh well, you can\’t have everything!


My top three songs: \”The Sky\”, \”Caller ID\”,\”Pyramid Scheme\”


Mix: 8/10

Tracks: 8/10

New Tracks: 7/10

Feelings: 9/10

Over all rating:  8/10


Damage Control drops November 5th, pre-order it here.