Just a few months ago, Martin Garrix publicly announced that he will no longer be partnered with Spinnin\’ Records, and their managing firm, MusicAllStars. This was a very shocking announcement, especially considering Garrix had been working with Spinnin\’ throughout his entire career up until that point. Garrix attributed the separation to a \”difference of opinion\” between the two. Since then, there hasn\’t been much news regarding the split and what\’s next, however, it seems Martin Garrix is ready to take the next step.

Martin Garrix has officially filed a lawsuit against Spinnin\’ Records head honcho, and Garrix\’s former manager, Eelko van Kooten, stating that van Kooten deliberately provided \”false and misleading information\” when the two were negotiating contracts, and also states that van Kooten essentially took advantage of him, by pressuring him into signing over the rights to his music. The lawsuit also alleges that Garrix was essentially forced into signing with both Spinnin\’ Records and their MusicAllStars management company, and states \”only the interests of Van Kooten itself were optimally looked after\”.

In the lawsuit, Garrix is asking for all the rights to his music be rightfully returned. Oktay Düzgün, the lawyer representing Garrix, had no comment regarding the lawsuit, and a spokesperson for van Kooten also provided no comment regarding the accusations. We\’ll be sure to update you on what happens next in the lawsuit.

h/t Telegraaf