Marshmello, everyone\’s favorite incognito  DJ of the moment, released the video to \”Summer\” and it\’s endearing. Marshmello\’s breezy, wistful track is matched with an equally touching video about young love. Just when you think you want dirty bass and sick beats, EDM gives you a dose of something you didn\’t think you\’d need—innocence.

The video is set in a roller rink, replete with 70s throwbacks. Marshmello is the protagonist trying to win the resident rink babe\’s attention. His boss is too demanding, but Marshmello triumphs in the end when the boss makes a fool of himself and \’Mello gets the girl. If you get caught up in John Hughes movies, \”Summer\” is a three minute version of Hughes\’ affecting yet light depictions of teenage, first love.

Who knew Marshmello could hit you right in the feels! Watch below: