Mark Knight sets to release his new track The Return of Wolfy, it’s a piano driven track that’s sure to have you swaying along. The Return of Wolfy only spans a minute and a half but leaves you with an eerie feeling that, in typical Mark Knight fashion, gets your body rocking and itching for more.  The Video takes you through a menacing plot accompanied by dark and mischievous hero, if you want to call him that. A repetitive beat mimics the mundane moments of his transformation and constant stalking. Though, somewhere around midway through a haunting vocal makes its way to the foreground, growing your anticipation to see what’s next for our plotting hero. His stalking comes full circle when our scheming lead “takes care” of his victim, with a flash of a smile and a look fit for the wicked witch the song comes to a close. The video is beautifully shot and has you captured from the first beat, but it leaves you with an uneasy feeling and quite hesitant to eat red meat.

Check it out below and make sure to buy it April 7th!

Mark Knight – The Return Of Wolfy on MUZU.TV.