Fedde Le Grand\’s Flamingo Recordings continues to innovate and push at the boundary edges with Marco V\’s \’Nashoba\’. The one and only architect of the \’V sound\’ is a chummy guy himself and decided to bring his friends along – Thomas Newson and Jaden Daves.

Marco V\’s own original mix stands up on dense, as if chopped up metallic leads, which pierce everything that stands in its way and fight the way for his followers – Thomas Newson, whose interpretation of \’Nashoba\’, gives us cutting-edge solutions he enured us to when releasing on labels like Revealed or Spinnin\’ in the past. Thomas\’ octave-hopping treatment offers us up & down amusement ride with planned, quick rest at the breakdown. Speaking of which in regards with Jaden Daves. The Eindhoven based newcomer decided to benefit from it the most out of the Big Three and re-arranged everything into a little seesaw swing set. Despite of its melodic and moody nature, there is a timebomb buried below the ground. The last but not least Jaden Daves\’ remix, completes the single perfectly and makes it a dish of vast range of different flavours, which all of you are about to gobble up.

Released: 01/12/2014