Compared to 50 years ago, homes today are so cluttered, disorganized, and inefficient. Why? Well, it is because there are so many more items that we require. Back then, there was no need for multiple TVs, kitchen appliances, phone chargers, smart devices, and tons of other stuff. But, this is the current reality and became live without these devices. So, instead of throwing away the things that you need, there are some things that you can do to make your home look better and run more efficiently.

To help you declutter your home to make things a little bit more organized, I want to share a few tips with you that are going to help you with this process. Keep in mind, every house and apartment is different and unique. There is no universal solution for every house. Some of these tips that I am going to mention may not work for your situation.

Either way, if you follow the tips of this article, I am sure that you will manage to make the space inside of your house or apartment look better.

1. Try modular furniture

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Like I said, not every space is equal. Some apartments are smaller and some houses are very large. Naturally, those that do not have a lot of space should resort to smaller furniture, or even better, modular. Modular furniture allows you to increase and decrease the available space in your bedroom, bathroom, or even living room.

For example, every popular piece of furniture today is stackable coffee tables. Whenever you need more space in your living room, all you have to do is put the larger coffee table over the smaller one. This may not sound like much, but I assure you that this will allow you to run all of your tasks more efficiently.

2. Smaller furniture

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The biggest problem with modular furniture is that it is difficult to find them. They are pretty scarce and if you do manage to find a certain model, it will probably quite expensive. Even the simplest mechanism makes a product so much more expensive. So, if you do not feel like this is an optimal solution, instead of modular, you should be looking for smaller furniture.

Of course, I am not telling you to throw away all your current furniture from your home, but you can slowly replace them after some time. Think of it as a long renovation project.

Think about. Do you really need a couch that can fit three people? Do you need four chairs on your dining room table? Do you need two armchairs in your living room? By asking yourself these questions, you can figure out exactly what is necessary for your home and what is not.

3. Go for cordless/wireless appliances

One of the things that always look awful in every home is cords. Unfortunately, this is a thing common in almost every home. But, it makes sense because all of us rely on these cords. We have TVs, speakers, sound systems, Blu-ray players, phones, tablets, wireless chargers, vacuums, Wi-Fi routers, and tons of other stuff.

However, many of these devices that we use on a daily basis have been upgraded to a cordless version. Of course, replacing every single device with the cordless version is going to cost thousands of dollars. So, instead of replacing everything at once, you can try buying only the essentials.

A good place to start would be the vacuum. Vacuums from 10 years ago are unnecessarily large, corded, and simply take up too much space. To make your home seemed just a little bit more modern and organize, it is probably a good idea to buy a cordless vacuum. If you check this out, you can see just how many affordable cordless shop vacuums are out there.

Get rid of unnecessary/unused furniture

We talked about buying smaller or modular furniture, but if you truly want to optimize the space in your home and to make things run a bit more efficiently, you should consider getting rid of the furniture that you do not use at all. I know, at first, you will be convinced that there is no such thing, but there usually is. In every house or apartment, there is some piece of furniture that no one wants to throw away.

Maybe it is time that you take the first step and get rid of that item that just takes up an unnecessary amount of space. With this simple and easy move, you will notice just how much your living room will open up. Your home will look better and you also get to move around freely.

4. Declutter

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Even after replacing or throwing away the unnecessarily large furniture, your home might still look a bit traditional, old and disorganized. Well, this is happening because you simply have too much stuff. It is time to get rid of all the items that serve no purpose.

First, start with decorations that you will not miss. Pictures, light fixtures, candles, hanging decorations, and anything else you can think of. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with hanging up a couple of photo frames in your house, but too much of anything is bad.

Once you start decluttering and throw away all the unnecessary decorations, you will notice that your home looks much better. Although, if you are not into the simplistic and modern style of today’s homes, you could try decorating with plants instead. There is no such thing as too much green. Plants can bring life to any room. Whether it is flowers, trees, or succulents, it is probably going to look good.

There are probably tons of things that make your home look small and closed off. However, if you decide to do at least one of these four things I mentioned above, I assure you that you will start to feel so much more comfortable in your own home. Every room is going to be much more spacious and relaxing.