The neon signs once looked so outdated, but today, we are seeing how they are having their comeback. In the past, almost every store had their custom-made neon sign, with the name of their brand, or even the logo. It reminds us of the good times, but as the technology was going further, they were soon replaced with cheaper and more affordable options. But, today, people once again realize these signs provide better visibility, and they are eye-catching for the people that pass by. Also, it lightens up the store or the restaurant, making it more attractive and bright. If you choose the colors properly, and you combine them with an attractive design, you can be sure it will give a little boost to your business.

One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the price. As you can find here, depending on the design, the price can be different, so there is no exact answer to the question in the title. It’s a commercial sign, but you can order one for your home if you want it. The prices can start from $300 and go higher, depending on the size, the design, manufacturing process, and the maintenance after that.

Usually, the manufacturer can have a fixed cost for a letter, and offer it in different sizes. So, that means you will pay based on the number of letters in the design, but the size can change the price too. If the logo is pretty complicated and you want to use some specific font, it can also add some dollars to the price.

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How does a neon sign work?

It’s a type of light bulb, with an exception it’s more similar to fluorescent lights, instead of traditional bulbs. A luminous gas is inserted there, and due to the electricity, it causes illumination and enlightenment. The bulbs can be made of transparent or matte materials and can come in different colors, so the design can be attractive and effective. Sometimes they can be filled up with different types of gases, so they can provide better illumination and shades of specific colors. The process of shaping it is also time-consuming, so it also adds more to the price.

As you can see, there is a lot of jobs until the neon sign is done, so we can’t say they are cheap. You really need to get ready to pay a significant amount for it, especially if it includes a lot of letters and complicated logo designs.

The benefits of neon signs

We already mentioned that they can be very attractive and provide great visibility. That makes them easy to be seen by the potential clients in your store, especially if it’s based on the streets. In malls, it’s pretty different, since they are bright anyway, and you don’t need additional lighting. It’s a great choice for small businesses and startups, who need to increase their visibility and attract their new clients.

The person who orders it can get creative because in most cases, every idea can be turned into reality, and get the ad they want. The options are incredible, but we can’t do it by ourselves to save some money.

Another benefit is that it’s completely functional at night, especially if you offer a 24/7 service that never shuts down. If you have a food chain, you can always attract potential clients with an interesting design, and great visibility. It’s in our nature to prefer shiny and vibrant things, so if you do that for your store, the people will start coming to you.

Also, you can be sure that even though the customization and installation weren’t cheap at all, the maintenance is affordable, and they are energy-efficient. As you probably know, neon is a chemical element, a gas, that is affordable, and it doesn’t need to be warmed up to provide lighting. They are long-lasting, and you will barely need to fix them in the first years. After that, due to the weather conditions and everyday use, you will need to regularly maintain the logo. In a long term, it’s a more affordable option than any other, so it’s good to consider using one for your new business.

According to some sources, the first product may last up to 12 years until you need to replace or fix something. So, now you know all the benefits that can make up for the initial cost, and we are sure you will make the right choice for your new business.

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The long history in advertising

Even in the 1950s, people were using neon signs to bold up their business and make it more attractive to potential clients. It’s one of the traditional forms of brand awareness, without using any social media campaign, or spend money for TV and radio ads. If you watched “Mad Men“, you’ve probably seen the neon signs were everywhere. They are easy to install and will attract a lot of attention, making the clients curious about what you have to offer. At the moment you put it over the door or in the store, it will catch their eye, and they will remember you anyway.

Once you get in their brains, they will think about you and talk to their friends and families that there is one new shop that has something interesting, encouraging them to visit it. And that’s your goal for sure.

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Conclusion on the neon signs price

Knowing all of these benefits, we can conclude that the price is worth it. No matter how much does it cost, the chances for profit because of it are always bigger. There is a reason why this type of advertising survived very difficult times, and it’s still attractive today. There is no social media promotion or TV ad that can replace the impression the clients get when they see the bright logo of your brand and get used to it. All of these things show us that traditional ways of advertising aren’t dead yet, and we can hold onto them for a long time.