Are you struggling with losing weight or maintaining it? Many people often get confused as to which one is more challenging. Some people think that losing weight is more straightforward than keeping it, while others believe in the opposite. But what is the reality? In this article, we will clear your doubts regarding it.

Maintaining the weight after losing it is pretty challenging due to various reasons. The body undergoes many changes when you shed off some pounds. If we talk about losing weight, you can follow a proper workout routine and diet. However, it is only possible if you have enough knowledge about everything. Nowadays, it has become convenient for people to begin their weight loss journey. You will find many websites and platforms that can help you. As there are many options, you might get confused about choosing a perfect one. If you are looking for a reliable one, you can check here.

You might be wager to know whether maintaining weight is challenging or losing it is challenging. So, let’s not waste any more time and get started with the same.


What is more challenging- losing weight or maintaining weight?

It is a pretty complex question because everyone has a different experience. Everybody’s bodies are unique, and they differ from each other. So, the experience of losing weight will also vary. If you have tried losing weight and maintaining it after doing it, you might have noticed which one was more difficult.

According to some studies, people find it harder to keep their weight after losing it. Well, there are many reasons for the same. You should know them in detail to get a better understanding of both.

What are the reasons that make maintaining weight more challenging?

A lot of things happen within the body after you shed some pounds. Unfortunately, only a few people know about the same. These changes might vary, but some of them are common. You must look for them if you are in the process of losing weight. The changes are responsible for making the maintaining weight part more challenging. Here are some reasons behind it. 

  • Decrease in metabolism: Do you know how vital is metabolism? A good metabolism means that the person is getting all the energy from the food he has eaten. One thing that you must learn about it is that different people have different metabolisms. It is a strange point to believe in, but that is the reality. Even genders play a significant role in identifying the metabolism. For instance, the metabolism might vary for men and women. After losing some pounds, your body’s metabolism will eventually decrease. It means that the process of converting food to energy will slow down. So, it will make it difficult for you to maintain your weight. Some people aren’t aware of this fact, and they get the pounds they have lost during weight loss. Therefore, it is essential to be careful during the weight loss journey and after the same. Change in metabolism is one reason that doesn’t allow people to maintain their weight.
  • Not making changes in the diet after losing weight: Sometimes, it is challenging for people to stick with the diet plan they followed while shedding some pounds. Almost everyone believes that once they lose weight, there is no need to follow the same diet and workout routine. Well, some people might have an understanding that the diet plan should be in such a way that they don’t gain weight again. But most people often ignore this thing and continue eating as they did before losing weight. In this way, maintaining weight becomes a problem for them. A tip that might benefit you is to consult a dietician or fitness professional after your weight loss journey. We are saying this because they have more expertise in this field. They might help you choose the best foods and workout routines to keep your weight as it is. So, now it depends on you whether you wish to regain your weight or make it more manageable.

  • Your hunger level grows after losing some pounds: One common thing that everyone faces after losing weight is increased hunger. Do you know why it happens? As we mentioned before, when you reduce your weight, many changes occur in the body. Your hunger level increases because your body demands more food than before. Some people make the mistake of eating more after achieving their fitness goals. Ultimately, they gain some pounds again when their eating habits change. The hormones are responsible for increasing the hunger level. You might have experienced it too. Like, for doing regular workouts, your overall diet should be good enough to give you energy. Your hormones in the brain also give you signals to eat more. The same thing happens when you’re done with your weight loss journey. So, be aware. Otherwise, you might regret eating more than usual. In such a situation, keeping weight is not as easy as it looks.
  • No or less exercising after weight loss: You might have come across people who started their weight loss journey by working out. However,  it is hard to say that the same people are still working out regularly after reducing their weight. Regular workouts and a balanced diet are excellent to keep the weight stable or lose it. But some people think that they will not regain their weight even after they stop working out. That makes maintaining the body weight part more difficult for them. If you want to keep it stable, you should be regularly exercising. Regular exercising is the most crucial thing in the weight loss journey. So, people should be aware of its importance. Without moving your body, you might not achieve the results you had expected.

The Bottom Line

Losing weight and maintaining weight are two different things. The process of reducing weight will also vary from maintaining. But we can say that keeping your weight stable is challenging after losing it. We hope now you understand all the things about the same in detail.