As promised, Madeon took to Twitter today to announce the release of his new collaboration with Kyan. His new track, entitled You\’re On is now available worldwide.

Believed to be the second single off his upcoming album, Adventure, Madeon takes a page out of his old, \’dancepoppy\’ style of music; an evident callback to his nu-disco oriented tracks such as For You and Shuriken. Madeon adds a personal tinge of glitch elements, handsome percussion, and tops it all off with an impressive vocal by Kyan. You\’re On delivers on the high expectations of Madeon\’s productions and validates a fine integrity for his continued artistic talents in the music industry. It also is a worthy addition to the grand variety of unique productions that he has completed in his last few years of his prominence in electronic music.

You\’re On is available now to purchase on iTunes, as well as via his YouTube.