The 20 year old French boy wunderkind known as Madeon took to Facebook today to announce details on his new album, Adventure.

The album announcement comes after two new tracks were debuted in the latter part of 2014, entitled \”You\’re On\” and \”Imperium\” which later were revealed as singles from the upcoming album. The long-awaited album has been a topic of conversation on social media for Madeon in recent weeks, as he tweeted about the creation of the cover art, the finalization of the album, and the finished product being sent off to his label.

The announcement consists of the announcement of a Standard and Deluxe Edition. The Standard consisting of twelve tracks and a Deluxe Edition featuring all twelve standard tracks, plus an additional six. The Standard Edition features twelve tracks, including a considerable list of figures that show their way in on a number of tracks. Artists such as Aquilo, Passion Pit, Dan Smith of Bastille and Mark Foster of Foster the People make an appearance on the tracklist. In addition, the Deluxe Edition hosts \”Only Way Out\” featuring Vancouver Sleep Clinic and a re-releases of tracks premiered on The City EP and other singles released in the past. Among the singles added to the Deluxe Edition track list are Icarus, Finale, The City, Cut the Kid and Technicolor.

The tracklist in it\’s entirety can be found below.

1. Isometric
2. You’re On (feat Kyan)
3. OK
4. La Lune (feat Dan Smith from Bastille)
5. Pay No Mind (feat Passion Pit)
6. Beings
7. Imperium
8. Zephyr
9. Nonsense (feat Mark Foster)
10. Innocence (feat Aquilo)
11. Pixel Empire
12. Home

Deluxe Edition bonus tracks:
13. Icarus
14. Finale (feat. Nicholas Petricca)
15. The City
16. Cut The Kid
17. Technicolor
18. Only Way Out (feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic)

The album is set for international release on March 30, 2015. Pre-orders are now available for both the Digital Standard and Deluxe Edition on iTunes. As expected, the album may also be preordered on CD and LP. There are also posters and collector\’s sets that are in limited stock for purchase now on Madeon\’s MyPlayDirect store.

1/19/15, 6:56pm – Update made regarding physical purchases.