Rising fast in the drum and bass scene, Macky Gee has earned respect all the way to the top with support coming worldwide from names like DJ Hype, Crissy Criss, and Capital J.

Macky quickly gets down to business, as the r’n’b- inflected intro of \’Be The One\’ gets crushed under a massive bassline, reaching out from underneath in short bursts and for the breakdowns, refusing to disappear under the weight. The title tune ‘Black Widow’ takes a similar approach but sweeps dramatically into peak time, the bass uglier and the brief samples of vocals fuller. ‘Seduction’ does very little of that unless it’s the roughest kind, with barely any atmosphere at all to dress its rude, battering bass and drum styles. He shows a more supple side on ‘Anxious’, where the rattling breaks make time for massive synthesizers that shift between unsettling texture and breathless drama. His flair for impact is further displayed with an onslaught of aggressive stabs, counterweighted with growling, textured subs. ‘The Hood’ returns to the streets, but this time taking hip hop into hardest jump up styles with aggressive and nimble production.

Released: 07/04/2015