Portage Theatre in Chicago has been hit with a tide, a Lunar Tide to be exact. Forecasts claim that this tide is weird with an extremely high outcome of satisfaction. This two day festival hosted within the heart of Illinois has attracted musical artists such as Mt. Eden, Ekali, Luca Lush, The Widdler, The Palmer Squares and many more!

Aside from the music, Lunar Tide is also a festival for the arts. Afrokilla, Mosher, Walrus Cobbler, and my personal favorite artist, Mike Hancock will be devising works of art to the various sounds of the night. Lunar Tide will be raging on from 7 p.m. deep into the night and into the early morning when they flip the lights on at 2 a.m. which marks the end of the tide for this year.

With the first day of this festival already over and the last day about to begin, people are prepping themselves for one final night of festivities and fun. With tickets only $25 at the door and such amazing artists performing all night it carries the title of a, “cannot miss” show. If you’re on the fence and still deciding if you’d like to go and get your brain melted I urge you to focus your eyes to the playlist at the bottom of the page and open up your ears to the artists that will be playing tonight, and the one’s you missed yesterday as well.

So what’s it going to be? Play uno with your grandmother and her cats or get swept up in the Lunar Tide to the performances of creatively strange artists? The choice is yours.