CID at the MID

Last weekend, CID and Chris Lake played at the MID for an exceptional show. CID brought his signature dark deep house to the dancefloor, opening for Chris Lake. Chris Lake\’s house music fit perfectly into that genre\’s birthplace. As a fan of CID, I confess I was more excited to see him as a headliner. However, Chris Lake delivered a straightfoward set of music appropos for a nightclub.

CID is still paying his dues in the EDM world, yet he commanded the DJ booth with a catalogue of his own songs and remixes. Something of a protege of Kaskade, you can tell he learned from the longing quality and lyrical depth of Kaskade\’s music. He played their track \”Sweet Memories,\” along with their other collaboration, \”Us.\” When he played \”Love Is Blind,\” it was beautiful to see the creator of such a powerful track playing it live. Chris Lake himself closed out the night; as the lights went on in the club, he finished with his own hit \”Sundown,\” an ironic selection considering the sun was rising.

CID is not jaded nor is he disaffected as a DJ. He interacted with everyone who was enjoying his music. Whether the audience was singing along, or taking picture of him, or really getting into the music, CID was all smiles. He waved, took people\’s hands, and replied to revelers the whole night. He seemed genuinely grateful for the appreciation the audience showed him. He even threw some branded hats out into the crowd! His positivity will be the key to his continued and further success, guaranteeing him a fanbase. He doesn\’t ignore them and provided real interaction during his set. Taking to Twitter, he thanked Chicago for embracing him and his music:

The MID can sometimes get a bad wrap on Yelp for its small size and pricy drinks, however the staff all-around were great and the venue provided a setting for a remarkable night of music. A brief chat with CID after the show provided the opportunity to thank him for the impact his music has. That he took time out for a fan demonstrates his own warmth and gratitude. I can only hope he will continue to rise and make his mark on dance music. Seeing him grow and progress as an artist from Kaskade last year, to opening for Galantis, and now, has been  a real pleasure. If anyone deserves hardwon success, it\’s him.