los Angeles police

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Police Department came in force to an unruly crowd on the east side of the city. The event was a huge gathering of photographers and others that was planned on social media.

Some attendees were lighting things on fire, and police initially thought it was a large-scale protest. Later, they were convinced that it was a rave. Named a \”flash mob,\” there were two thousand people at the event, and some reports said that the crowd was getting out of control. However, in reality, it was actually carefully planned. The promoters picked a dark and quiet spot in the city where they could run their event and pictures could be taken; however, the crowd just became too much.

It\’s still unclear as to why the event was thought to be a \”rave out of control.\” Maybe it was the hundreds of cameras the photographers were using. Reports also said there were several people dancing with sparklers, along with fire. Watch the news footage below.

Source: CBS Los Angeles

Photo Credit: SLR Lounge