For weeks we\’ve been teased and tortured with only short snippets and poor quality concert videos of Usher and Martin Garrix\’s new track titled \”Don\’t Look Down.\”  And now, we are finally able to hear the finished product in it\’s entirety.

At just 18 years old, Martin Garrix does not live an average teenager\’s life at all.  Just this past week alone, the Dutch DJ/producer has been riding high after performing at Justin Bieber\’s 21st birthday bash in Vegas at the new OMNIA Nightclub (which he holds a residency at) and now he\’s released a track with the multiple Grammy winning artist Usher.

The new song features Usher\’s signature vocals which happens to be the most vocals that we\’ve heard on Garrix track so far.  In fact, an official lyric video was released today to give fans the opportunity to sing-a-long to the catchy and uplifting tune.  The video features a man getting ready for his dreadful 9-5 job which he later quits and goes on to live a life full of adventure.

\”Don\’t Look Down\” is now available on iTunes.