Most people have a pretty strong opinion about David Guetta. Once one of the few DJs in the world that people would actually recognize, he\’s now a mainstage staple and really only releases radio-friendly tracks, often featuring pop artists.

However, he switched it up for his two hour long BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. Some people were pretty upset when they learned Guetta was invited to the Essential Mix. However, after the mix aired, people only had positive things to say about it. Take a look at the tracklist and you would never believe it was a David Guetta set in 2015. This shows you that a lot of these mainstream guys don\’t have bad taste in music – instead, they\’re just capitalizing on the popularity of EDM while they can.

\”This is what I used to play when I first started to DJ. It brought me back to some amazing memories from the time when I started playing house music in 1988 until now. A lot has changed, but my heart is still the same, and the music is still real,\” Guetta said.

Listen to the mix below.