Although these guys have only been on the scene and are still somewhat unknown, the group \”Bad Royale\” has already released tons of tracks, including 2 EP\’s on both Mad Decent and Buygore, which is huge for anyone of any caliber, especially for some newcomers. The quartet decided to take a spin on Silento\’s track, \”Watch Me\”, otherwise known as \”Nae Nae\”, which has been taking the internet and radio by storm these past few weeks. After listening to the remix, which you can find below, there\’s no surprise that duo Jack Ü supports this tune and premiered it for the first time at HARD Summer this past weekend. It has an amazing trap, and festival, sound and is reminiscent of the style of music Diplo & Skrillex recently made popular with their latest album. It\’s no doubt that this remix will be blowing up once more people find out about it, so be sure to grab the free download of the track and share it – it\’s going to be all over the place very soon.

Free Download: Silento – Watch Me (Bad Royale Remix)