Until a couple of decades ago, pretty much every piece of lingerie was made of natural materials, like cotton or silk. The same materials were used both for pieces of clothing. However, with the increased need for all of these pieces, this way of production simply wasn’t enough to cover all of them. That’s why the manufacturers needed to think about new materials they can use to make their products much cheaper, and the production process much simpler.

Some would say that the use of some other materials, like nylon, was introduced to the stage in the fifties. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense, nylon was the material that doesn’t require any hefty features in the process of making these. At the same time, getting silk for a reasonable price became pretty much impossible because of the effect of World War II.

That doesn’t mean that natural materials are not used these days. The percentage of these two is roughly 50% for each. So, the market is big enough for every sort of product. Naturally, you will have a lot of options to choose from. As you know, many people have a problem with allergies. For this reason, wearing any sort of lingerie can be a bad move.

Let’s see how you should choose the perfect piece in case you have sensitive skin.

Know Your Allergies


Before you are ready to make any move in this regard, you should be fully aware of any potential allergy you might have. A couple of decades ago, the finding of these would be practically impossible if you didn’t wear some material before. Sure, this wasn’t a pleasant thing to experience in most cases. Thankfully, you can test yourself for allergies quite easily these days.

You can do it by visiting a clinic that offers these services. Naturally, there are a lot of these, who cannot be described as credible. Without any doubt, you have heard about some people, who are not doctors, who claim that they can perform this sort of research. We wouldn’t recommend you to undergo these. Instead, take a look only at those who have a long tradition of providing these services, and who are credible.



After you know what your allergies are, you need to pay attention to stretch the capacity of the piece you are interested in. Why is this relevant for allergies, you ask? Well, the reason is quite simple. Not only that a piece that isn’t stretched enough can cause some irritation even if you don’t have any allergy, but it can also cause much bigger problems down the road if you have some of them.

But there are cases where wearing pieces that are made of material that doesn’t suit you will not cause you any problems. We are talking about situations where the piece can be stretched enough for your neck skin to breathe. Naturally, this factor will depend on two factors. The first is your allergy, and the second one is the material you use. So, be sure that the piece is stretched enough.


Next, we believe that taking the weight of every particular piece is an absolute must. As you know, these are meant to be worn under clothes, and pretty close to your body. Not to mention that you will wear them pretty much every single day. So, their weight and thickness will play a major role in how your body will react to them. Sadly, this factor is overlooked by a vast majority of people.

Naturally, since there are a plethora of different fabrics to choose from, you will need to invest your best efforts before you can find the best possible solution. Probably the best test is to test them on your own. So, be sure to wear all these pieces on your own and see what’s the reaction of your body. If some irritation appears after some time, then you shouldn’t wear these anymore to avoid problems.

Avoid Synthetic Fibers


Those who are well aware of their skin sensitivity don’t have any problems with choosing the lingerie they will wear. However, there are some cases where there is no need for you to perform any sort of research. We are talking about synthetic fibers. For instance, pretty much all the medical reports on this topic have found about how synthetic fibers can cause a problem for women who wear bras made of these materials.

For those who are not aware of what these are, these are polyester fabrics and nylon. Naturally, there are many more of these, but these two are the commonest ones. Plus, it needs to be said that some other parts of the body are sensitive to these materials, even if you don’t have any allergies. Nevertheless, those who know what they are sensitive to, should not wear them in any case.

Where to Shop?

Surely, we all know that the quality of lingerie is something that many people don’t pay attention to when purchasing. That’s probably the primary reason why problems like these tend to appear from time to time. To make sure that every option complements your needs, you should purchase them only in shops that have specific products.

For instance, you should take a look at some local fabric stores. Many people don’t believe that these are proper places to look for these. Still, we believe that a vast majority of them are credible enough. At the same time, there are a lot of credible online shops that have provided their customers with high-quality products. If you want to check one of these, be sure to visit here.

The Bottom Line


Since a lot of lingerie is made of fabrics that can cause some sort of irritation to the skin these days, investing a couple of hours sounds like a necessary thing to do. Here, you can take a look at a couple of crucial factors that will help you on this journey. We don’t have any doubt you will find these useful.