It\’s a big deal that Lindsay Lowend and Marvel Years are opening up for Manic Focus\’s full live band performance in Chicago next Saturday, March 21st. These two young sound architects, the twenty year old Antonio Mendez and 19 year old Cory Withe are guaranteed to get the crowd\’s sound thirsty ears calibrated for Manic Focus\’s live instrumental sets.

Lowend\’s computer generated soundscapes have gained him a lot of traction in the last year for his original beat making across a variety of genres. With sounds ranging from the creepy depths of Soundcloud like his single Ashtray, to his Speilberg soundtrack resemblant exercises in space, Lowend appeals to trap fans, Super Mario addicts and everyone in between. He produces music at the speed of need, which seems to be a lot. He puts out tons of beats and singles on his soundcloud, keeping his fans interested and satisfied. He will be performing a free show this week at SXSW with pal Jonah Baseball on the keys before meeting up with John McCarten (Manic Focus) and Withe for the Chicago show.

Marvel Years, the musical conception of youngin\’ Cory Withe, saw his career take off after supporting both Griz and Pretty Lights in 2013. He was then offered the opportunity to drop a remix of \”Where I\’m Trying to Go\” on the Color Map of The Sun Remixes album released in December 2013, which officially put him on the music map of the EDM scene. Since then, the ripe producer and guitarist has generated a healthy fan base while being hosted on a variety of stages across the U.S. He performs with undeniable energy and a confidence that implies he will be making music for years to come.

Manic Focus has a great line up for his full live band performance opener, going down at the Chicago House of Blues next Saturday. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for recaps of this event and do not let these two young producers go unnoticed. Chicago is lucky this event is coming to us first. Electronic music history is in the making and we all get the first shot at experiencing it!