There are certainties in this world: the grass in green, the sky is blue, and Never Say Die Records only puts out bangers. Their new kid on the block from the UK is no exception. His 4 song EP release only proves the talent-scouting prowess of Never Say Die.

LAXX goes on to explain his artistry behind the music: \”My debut EP on Never Say Die is an introduction to a sound I\’ve been developing and immersing myself in for the last 6 months or longer. ‘The Unknown’ just felt like a natural progression for me, combining different sounds and styles I like into a nitrous fueled, off-key dance floor smash.

Step One has been a big hit this year and last; the simplicity just gets people\’s heads nodding and it\’s been tearing up clubs all around the world, thanks to Flux Pavilion and a host of other big names. It\’s been crazy seeing the massive reaction it gets every time it’s dropped.

Gold Plated is a progression of the sound into the most manic insane form I could take it! I love the harshness and groove to it. I want to keep people guessing, not knowing what is to come, and make tracks that make you take a step back and go \’woah!\’\”

Keep your eye out for LAXX. This won\’t be the last time you hear of him. Keep up to date with LAXX\’s future releases by following him on SoundCloud. Like him on Facebook to stay up to date on tour announcements. Follow me, Sydney @ EDM Chicago, on SoundCloud for more songs you need to be listening to.