Providing customers with efficient goods and services is essential for any business house. Among various companies worldwide, laundry management is the most overlooked business. It can give some severe challenges affecting routine operations if not appropriately managed.

Most busy people, especially working professionals with busy work schedules, need help to keep up with their laundry. Professional laundry services can help make the laundry chores more manageable, as there will be enough time to do it every week. These professionals can take care of everything from picking up the garments for washing from the doorstep and delivering them back after washing.

How To Sort Laundry?


For proper laundry management, a person should sort the garments appropriately before putting them into the laundry. Instead of hurrying, someone has to spend a few minutes sorting the clothes to properly organize the washable garments before putting them in the washing machines. A few things to do are,

Segregate Laundry In Groups

After separating the clothing pile that must be given for dry cleaning only, the white-colored and light-colored clothes should be kept in one bundle for washing.

For washing, dark-colored clothing like navy blue, dark grey, red, and black should be kept separately.

Read Label On Garments

First, the person washing the clothes should minutely read the instruction care label on the garment. The care label will have an instruction that has to be followed regarding the right temperature for the water for washing.

Use the gentle cycle option on the washing machine if the label on the garment recommends hand-washing. At the same time, check the temperature for drying the clothes. Make sure the dry-clean clothes are kept separately.

Separate Jeans & Cotton

Apart from the jeans and t-shirts made of cotton, any lightweight manufactured fabrics should be separated before washing. It is advisable to use a mesh bag for placing delicate lingerie before placing it in the laundry machine. Even towels made of cotton and blankets that produce lint as residue after washing should be sorted.

Separate Soiled Clothes

If there are heavily soiled clothes, ensure that the light-soiled garments should never be washed with heavily filthy or children’s garments. The soil will deposit on other garments if washed together.

Choosing Right Detergent


Selecting the suitable detergent is vital for getting clean and fresh laundry after washing clothes in the washing machine. Apart from that, suitable detergent ensures the preservation of the life and quality of the fabric. Since there are hundreds of detergent options for washing clothes, choosing the suitable detergent is essential. A few different types of detergents are,

Detergents In Powder Form

These detergents are usually used in many households for washing clothes in the laundry machines. They help in removing tough stains and nasty smells from the garments. They do a perfect job at high water temperatures and are budget-friendly to the pocket.

Detergents In Liquid Form

Detergents in liquid form are more costly than powder detergents, but they are easy to use. These liquids dissolve quickly in all types of water temperatures. Many tough stains get removed effectively from the clothes when they are used.

Detergents In Pods And Capsule Form

Pods and capsules are pouches and capsules form detergent units that are pre-measured. They avoid creating mess and are more convenient to use in front-loading and top-loading washing machines.

Detergents Under Eco-Friendly Category

Eco-friendly detergents are called green detergents. These detergents are less environmentally harmful as they are made from biodegradable ingredients. They do not contain chemicals like optical brighteners, synthetic fragrances, and phosphates, so the life of garments is extended.

A Few Laundry Hacks


Even though the washing machine and the dryer do the major work of washing and drying the clothes, when it comes to household laundry, all the cleaning, sorting, drying, and folding require a lot of time every week. A few laundry hacks that will save a lot of time include,

Schedule Washing

Washing clothes should be scheduled after checking the clothing patterns of everyone at home. Few clothes can be worn multiple times before washing. If the laundry basket is incomplete, then laundry should be scheduled only on weekends.

Know Washing Appliances

The person doing laundry should know how to operate the washing machine and dryer at home. If they are new, read the instruction manual to determine its operation. This will help in reducing the time taken for washing laundry.

Organize The Space

It is essential to give a makeover to the laundry area. A neat, organized space to wash the clothes will boost the mood to wash clothes. Keep detergents and other items in baskets or shelves that are easily reachable.

There should be a space for a drying rack to hang the delicate garments. The laundry baskets should be kept in a proper place, and the tops of the washing machine should always be litter-free.

Fold Clothes Faster

Since no affordable household machines are available to fold the clothes, folding them falls on the shoulders of the person washing them. Learning some quick fold techniques and hanging dried clothes on the hangers in the laundry room will help keep the clothes wrinkle-free. If kids are around, they should be enlisted to help.

Drying Cycle

There are sorting rules for drying the clothes after washing them. Note that heavier clothes take more time to dry than lighter ones.

When both types of clothes are dried together in a dryer, the lighter garments get over-dried, which stresses the fibers on the clothes, and the heavier clothes are left damp, which could give out odors. Therefore, both such types of clothes have to be dried separately.

Outsourcing Laundry


Outsourcing laundry can save a lot of time. Washing clothes and then drying and folding them will take considerable time, especially if the family has more members. Outsourcing laundry to professionals helps in having more time that can be efficiently spent with family.


By creating an effective laundry schedule every week, the laundry routine can be mastered efficiently at home. Learning the laundry hacks and knowing which type of detergents should be used for washing will help in having more free time. Even the life of the garment gets extended.