They look great on you and are appropriate for both a picnic and a job interview. Take good care of your jeans so they don’t turn whitish soon after you buy them!

Having the cowboy of your dreams love it and have to wash it. There are many people who do not wash their jeans, which is an excellent choice if your finances allow it, but if not, wash them anyway for the sake of hygiene, but do it the right way so they don’t lose shape or color. Besides for all these tips you should choose the right material and best stuff for your jeans just have a look and vlone official.

As an example:

Marshall Plan shipments for military bases included baskets with basic provisions and blue jeans during World War II. Leaving the field for good, the cowboys stayed. Between the 50s and 70s, they became popular with teenagers, especially ‘greasers’, and between those decades they became a symbol of equality: a garment worn by people of any race or gender on the entire planet.


1. Be careful with the washing: do not overdo it

Throwing them into the laundry basket without counting how many we wear is a bad habit almost all of us have. Moreover, they lose their color and texture after spinning so much. The jeans need only be washed when necessary, despite the fact that it might sound unsanitary. You have to give them water when they smell bad or are too dirty, not just count how many times you have used them.

If that doesn’t work, try this trick: hang the jeans in the bathroom while you shower so that the steam and the smells of the gel and shampoo permeate the jeans, giving them a pleasant and fresh scent. If all else fails, to the water.


2. Use a hand-washing method

What a lazy buff, right? If you want them to last, it is best to submerge them in water and let them rest for 20 to 30 minutes. Ideally, you should use cold water (at room temperature) to wash your jeans, as hot water is one of the main causes of shrinkage and color loss. Make sure that the detergent is well dissolved before putting them in water to avoid smearing some parts with soap. If the detergent remains on the legs after drying, it will leave a stain. Rinse them thoroughly.


3. You should always turn them upside down

Be sure there is nothing in the pockets (we have all experienced that trauma involving a forgotten colon) and flip the pants before washing. Using it prevents fading. Plan to wash more clothes that are always the same color or at least similar,  so that you can take advantage of the washing. By doing so, they will retain their original color and you will not have to worry about staining if something fades or damaging the rest of the accessories if the ink runs out on your jeans.


4. The magic touch of dressing for washing

If you want the relationship with your jeans to last a lifetime, there is a washing tip that never fails: Add a splash of vinegar to the water. Besides being an excellent dye protector, it is also a natural softener that will not damage pants. You don’t need to worry about the smell since it goes away when they dry. Observe! For the first wash, a different type of dressing should be used that makes you think of a salad: add a handful of salt to the water so they retain their color.

It is also possible to machine When we are certain that the rubbing will end and we decide to put them in the washing machine, the only way to avoid damaging them is to use a delicate program with cold water and mild detergent or a special one for dark colored clothing. e very important.

Of course, it is very important to separate them from the rest of the clothes. They should be washed in a colored washing machine, preferably navy blue. If we are clear that the rubbing is going to end and we decide to put them in the washing machine, the only way to avoid damaging them is to make a program for delicate clothes, always with cold water and using a mild detergent or, better, a special one for clothes of dark colors.


5. Hang them with tweezers

This part of the washing process also has its own challenges. It is best to hang them straight and without bending so that they dry well and the fabric does not wear out. Put the clips on the waist of the pants so that they do not deform or leave marks anywhere else. You’ll be able to dry them faster. You will save yourself the trouble of having to iron the knees if you stretch them well. Spending too much time in the sun can cause the plants to lose color faster and become stiff. Tweezers are needed for this step.


6. Ironed and sunk

If you iron or wash items with fabric details, leather, or other materials, you should be very careful since they can shrink or fade. You will have to iron them if the tweezers trick did not work for you.


7. Make sure they are never dirty

Unexpected? I don’t. While it is not recommended to wash them often, you should never leave them dirty after changing your closet. The color and fabrics of these garments will deteriorate more quickly than other garments. Additionally, jeans are appropriate for any season, and can get more new arrivals by visiting this site so whether they are elephant leg or shorts, keep them on hand in case the weather changes.

Never, ever do this…

  1. Always avoid the following steps, if you become lost during the washing process:
  2. They should not be dry cleaned. As a result, the fibers of the pants will weaken much faster.
  3. They should be dried. If absolutely necessary, always use a gentle program.
  4. Bleach-containing detergents and stain removers should be avoided. Even if they are dirty, you will load the color.
  5. You do not need to soak them for too long, the jeans can be cleaned without much effort.