las vegas night clubs
las vegas night clubs

Many Las Vegas club owners don\’t think EDM DJs have the same attractive lure that they did in the past, according to them the genre is dead. One club owner had this to say, \” \”People who just want to see DJs don\’t dress up, they don\’t have style, they don\’t even want to be in a nightclub—they want to see a concert. They\’re not cool. Nightclubs are cool-people clubs. [I\’m] creating a club for the cool people.\”

To summarize, a bunch of  Las Vegas club owners have decided that the music-loving crowd is un-cool, which makes hiring big name electronic DJs a less enticing business investment for their exclusive, super-cool clubs. Although, saying that the genre is dead is a naive, far fetched claim. The only way to kill electronic dance music is to wipe out the millions of people who have created beautiful lifestyles within and around it.

It isn\’t just a genre anymore, it has turned into a thriving community of people who genuinely love these electronic sounds. There are the fans who dance their asses off at every show, the sound guys making sure the CDJs are setup correctly and there are the aspiring producers who are pouring their hearts into tracks. These people have joyous, fulfilled lives and \”EDM\” is a part of it.

EDM may be a dying attraction for Las Vegas clubs but it is still a living, breathing, and an expanding idea.

Source: Thump