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You just can’t imagine a brand without certain labels. In addition, their applications are everywhere and that is why this service is in great demand. Most clients come from the food industry, manufacturers of technical goods, chemical products, and the like.

Either way, people need this to get the most out of their job.

However, if you are planning to use them for the first time to complete your brand, you need to pay attention to a few facts. Each of them is related exclusively to labels, and they represent tips with which you will not be further worried about your business.

It is simply better than you are totally versed in things like this and that you clearly know the outcomes of your choices. To help you take a good look at this service, read below for a few facts that we have singled out for you.

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Facts to consider:

1. Cost factor

Of course, whenever you invest in something it is important to first know what the investment cost will be. No matter how much something like that costs you, you have to keep in mind the final figure. This is certainly one of the factors that will decide when making a decision. Either way, with labels it’s very simple.

The overall design will depend on your needs or the needs of the industry for which they are produced. So, there are several elements that will affect the final price. These are transparency, material, etc. Each part of the final design will represent your product. Our advice is not to save money on this, because this will greatly affect customer perceptions. Of course, don’t give too much money either. Remember that the bulk price is always lower than the regular price. Find more at

2. Printing factor

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It is important to take into account the fact that it refers to the costs and ways of printing. As with the previous section, printing also comes in several options. Today you can easily opt for different ways. For example, you have a number of labels, sheets, and other printing options.

So, you can print online or choose between label types. The most important thing is to understand at every choice whether it really makes sense. For example, someone is more for the digital type of stickers or for the flexographic one – ask yourself what is what you want and what you need. After that, pay attention to the total price of it all.

3. Ecological awareness

We all know how important environmental protection is. This is becoming increasingly important and it is therefore of great importance to consider options that are environmentally friendly. It would be great to take advantage of options such as recycling, disposal and reuse. Today, there are a large number of materials with which it is possible to use these options.

4. Durability

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When deciding on labels, it is important to pay attention to durability. This refers to various external influences and the possibility of duration. It would be good for them to meet some basic conditions. Check how resistant they really are to scratches, water and the like. Ask yourself how long your label could survive in such circumstances.

5. The possibility of replacing the label line

Note the possibility of replacing the label line and consider the printing flexibility factor. This applies to certain needs of your business, and they are related exclusively to printing. So, then the speed and ease of replacement is of great importance. Your main goal is to get the right line of labels at the right time.

6. Design possibilities

As we mentioned in the previous part of the text, you have a large number of options when it comes to label design. This refers to the type of paper, film, etc. You also have the option of choosing quality – for some this is very important. You can explore all the other options you can choose from online, including tagging techniques and more.

If you don’t know what all the options are, read some of our tips that will help you know what to do.

How to design:

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All necessary information

Each product label must contain an item such as name, logo, description and dimensions. Therefore, these elements together should represent the product completely. There are also instructions or some other information that is important.

Clear product description

It is very important that your label is legible. It must be clear to users what they are reading and seeing. So, keep this in mind when designing. In order to achieve this, you need to pay attention to the font size, color and think about the background. Our advice is that the background contains as few symbols as possible and that it be blank, so everything else will come to the fore and will not affect the visibility.

Visually increase the space on the label

You will be able to achieve that if you make a white space. Here you can extract all the information that is most important. This way, users will immediately notice something like this. This trick contributes to a better design because white will have a calming effect. You also help users spot any important information such as alerts or instructions.

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The results of this approach are fantastic. Apart from the fact that they like this idea because of its practicality, they have a positive feeling of calm and that is how you influence their perception. Try and see for yourself.

Decorative elements

When we talk about filling the space on the labels, we can’t forget about some decorative elements. Although we mentioned that it is the best minimalist design, that does not mean that you should ignore the illustrative elements that can additionally speak about the product. For example, using a certain color can help customers know in advance what the taste is. This is usually done when it comes to some juice or similar product.


As you can read for yourself, there are many things you can learn about this process. We hope this will help you in your further work. Either way, you definitely know more than you knew before. It can certainly only bring good results. So, take everything into account when choosing labels and keep in mind the identity of your product.