Kygo is having a huge year. He has been on his Cloud 9 tour all year, and he just performed in the closing ceremony for the Olympics.  He is an amazing DJ/producer, and now he came out with a clothing line.

Kygo Line is a classic hardware and fashion line from Kyrre Gorvell-Dahll. With a Scandavanian look and feel, these items are sophisticated, yet playful


We took a look at the clothing line, and the clothing line comes with a heavy price. A pair of sweatpants for women can reach $150, and a men\’s T-shirt can come out to $50 dollars. The the Bulgarian Lev is used for the currency of the website. We know there are many Kygo fans, so we see many Kygo fans not caring for the price tag. If you want to take a look at his products, click here!