While providing a solid slew of originals and a bangin EP, all through Spinnin, as well as initiating some A1 collaborations throughout his career with the likes of Tiesto and Dzeko & Torres, KSHMR is someone that if you haven\’t heard of him yet, you need to get yourself well acquainted, and his brand new remix is one of the many reasons why. While I would say under normal circumstances, Radiohead should be considered untouchable when it comes to remixes and if you\’re going as far back as Pablo Honey, you really need to reevaluate yourself, it\’s safe to say these aren\’t normal circumstances.

The anonymous female vocals, the the ukulele introduction, the fluid mix of genre inspirations that you can easily sense through the production…its more proper to say this is a complete remaking of Creep and less a remix, cover or edit. KSHMR takes this song and makes it literally his own, providing something that is far enough from Thom Yorke\’s wailing original without trying hard to differentiate itself from other rendetions or try to sound \”mainstream EDM\” to get dem reposts. I really enjoyed this remix, but don\’t take my word for it. Give it a listen down below and comment what you think about it.