Do you guys remember when Britney Spears shaved off all her hair in 2007 and inevitably became someone who everyone watched to see what she would do next? Sometimes I feel like, in the world of dance music, Kaskade is that \”someone\” to watch now. Okay, he didn\’t shave all his hair, but he sure as hell knows how to keep his fans on the edge of their seats.

If you haven\’t figured it out by now, the American producer releases news and connects with his fans over Twitter more than any other social network. He took to his account to address some issues he\’s had with SoundCloud recently, which you can read up on here. He also used Twitter to announce his Redux Tour a couple months ago. And today, he\’s used Twitter to announce a little more \”Redux\” news.

Redux Tour attendees, and apparently Spark Run goers, had the privilege of hearing his new track \”Ain\’t Gotta Lie\” featuring deCarl live, which Kaskade said he would make available today. The song was released via Beatport and announced via a Billboard article a few hours ago. So if you\’re going to Spring Awakening, get excited. The song is fantastic.

Watch the \”Ain\’t Gotta Lie\” video below:

But don\’t you dare close this tab, because there\’s more news.

Okay, cool. You\’re still here.

So, if you didn\’t skim the Billboard article, his Redux EP, which was only available on vinyl, will officially be up for a digital purchase and download on June 24th. Yaaasss.

Pardon me being basic.

And for you producers out there, listen up: Kaskade wants to hear YOUR remix to \”Ain\’t Gotta Lie.\” Extending from his Tumblr post about his issues with SoundCloud and saying he\’d willingly \”parse out the pieces\” of songs he\’s made and allow his fans to remix them, he literally wants you show him if you can do it better.

Basically all you have to do it go buy his new track, download the stems, and make a remix, and he will listen to it. It\’s a double-whammy, so go for it. Why not?



I think that in the midst of dance music controversy and the artists themselves at each others\’ throats, it\’s refreshing to see such a respected producer like Kaskade allow his fans a little closer. There\’s no yelling. No noise. Just music.

So even if you aren\’t going to remix \”Ain\’t Gotta Lie,\” be sure to purchase the track. Here\’s the link again. Also, be on the look out for the digital download of his Redux EP. And if you\’re going to see him at Spring Awakening this weekend, I\’ll see you there.