Kaskade has been known to be quite vocal about his opinions regarding the electronic music scene today. In his most recent post, the producer calls out the LA Times for perpetuating an unnecessary stigma associated with dance culture. Specifically, he criticizes the periodical’s reaction to HARD’s decision not to host Day of the Dead in LA this year due to drug-related deaths.

“Let’s not pretend this is an isolated problem, something unique to dance music culture,” Kaskade writes. “According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every day in America 27 (TWENTY-SEVEN!) people die as a result of drunk driving crashes. That’s more than one person, per hour, every single day.”

The DJ/Producer criticizes the LA Times for sensationalizing the issue and not addressing the true complexities behind it.

“I’m happy to tackle substance abuse,” he writes. “I’m happy to use my influence to encourage people to be responsible, to stay alive. But this is a world-wide problem, something that is not even close to being unique to dance music. Part of the problem is people trying to simple size. Raves = drugs. So close them down”.

A spokesperson for the LA Times has commented that the publication takes these remarks very seriously, and the article has since been amended.

Read his full post here.